Review: Star Wars: Legacy #18

It is with a heavy heart that I have to write a review of Star Wars: Legacy #18.  The final issue of Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman’s stellar series is released today and while it’s going to be a shame to see this series go, they definitely leave just as strong as they started.

This review contains some spoilers for the entire series.

Imperial Knights versus the Sith on the Floating World!  And just whose side is Darth Wredd on?  It’s an action packed finale as Ania Solo and all of her friends fight not only for their survival but that of the Empress Fel herself.

Series finales are always difficult to view as single issues especially when you’ve become heavily invested in the characters.  Star Wars: Legacy has been an absolute joy to read every single month and I shall mourn all the stories about Ania, Sauk, Jao, and AG-77 that we’ll never get to read since this book was cut short.  From the very start, Bechko and Hardman paid just as much attention to developing their core cast as they did to the plot lines and it has paid off in spades.  For example, Ania Solo and Jao Assam are clearly very different people who approach situations from different backgrounds which means that one of them might have a line that they won’t cross that the other won’t.  That doesn’t make the crosser “evil” though—just different.

Speaking of evil, Darth Wredd proved to be an interesting villain.  Sure he was still a dark sider but he hated the Sith almost as much as the good guys did if not more.  It was a good way to keep readers on their toes while his motives remained believable.  After all, there aren’t that many bad guys who’d try and arrange a mutually assured destruction battle between the Sith and the Imperial Knights.

That leads to another excellent aspect of this particular issue.  There was a real sense of danger and worry for the lives of our main and supporting characters and just because it was the final issue.  It was an all-out battle with the Empress on the front lines.  While reading the issue, there was genuine concern that all of our heroes might not make it out alive.

As always, the artwork on this book was a perfect fit and Brian Thies’ solid work carries through until the end.  Again, it’s a nice touch to see him draw women in battle with their hair pulled back.  I did, however, sincerely appreciate that Hardman got a chance to draw those last two extra pages of the book.  It is an incredibly fitting note for the book to end on and feels like a nice goodbye to the series.

I do have one bone to pick with this series though:  WHO THE HECK IS ANIA SOLO?  No but seriously.  This is going to drive me positively insane.  Perhaps Bechko and Hardman will finally take pity on those of us who have wanted to know since before the series even premiered and finally tell us?  (My money is still on wayward distant Hapan princess, for what it’s worth.)

My need to know everything about the Solo family aside, this was a well done issue and a well done series and everyone involved in it should be very proud of themselves for how great it was and for making me cry just a little because I had to read the last issue ever.

Star Wars: Legacy #18 gets a 5/5 from me along with a recommendation that you go buy all the trades for this wonderful series as soon as you can.


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