Review: Star Wars: Legacy #14

Ania Solo!  Still in trouble!  (That could be the words for House Solo.)  Legacy #14 by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman hits comic book store shelves today as they continue to tell the rather excellent story of one Ania Solo.

This planet keeps getting worse all the time.  It’s not enough that they’ve crashed landed and Ania’s still being chased by a masked bounty hunter with a light whip.  Oh no.  Now, this planet has to rain glass.  Meanwhile back on Coruscant, Master Val is digging into Ania’s past and manages to find a piece of evidence that exonerates her of the crime people claim she committed.  Jao, Sauk, and AG-37 have at least managed to land on the same horrible planet as Ania and found the site of the crashed ship.  Now, it’s just a matter of who will find Ania and Ramid first…

Bechko and Hardman continue to deliver.  They have a talent for moving an interesting story forward while fitting in character development and back-story in seamlessly.  Even though it can at times be frustrating that we still don’t know all of Ania Solo’s backstory, it is a good choice from a writing point of view since it wouldn’t have made tons of sense to just do an information dump.  Plus, it certainly does keep readers keep coming back for more.  It’s not just the character intrigue that makes this book worthwhile though.  They find a way to organically keep the story moving forward without every feeling belabored.

Possibly one of my favorite parts of this particular issue came when Master Val is doing his research and mentions a prosthetic hand to himself.  It made me sit up and wonder if Ania had continued in that particular Skywalker tradition and then made me chuckle when it turned out that no, she has all of her own body parts, thank you very much.

As per usual, Gabriel Hardman’s art is a perfect fit for the book.  Characters have distinct silhouettes which also fits with making each of our main characters have their own feel.  There’s also something that I just really love about AG-37 wearing some human clothes/accessories, especially the cape.  Hardman also draws a particularly good action sequences and it’s always a joy when one pops up in an issue that he’s on art for.  The coloring by Jordan Boyd works well with Hardman’s lines and is especially good for the rain towards the end.

Star Wars: Legacy #14 gets a 4/5 along with a recommendation to read this series.