Review: Star Wars: Legacy #13

Last month’s issue of Legacy ended with a crash… literally.  Ania Solo is still a wanted woman, separated from her only friends and allies in Legacy #13 by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman which hits stores today.  And—look, I just want to know who the heck Ania Solo is already!

Somehow, Ania manages to walk away from the crash landing mostly unharmed but that’s not much when there’s a bounty hunter still hot on her tail.  Sauk, Jao, and AG-37 are doing every thing they can to track Ania down and get their friend back.  Back on Coruscant, Ania Solo continues to be the topic of conversation.  True to Solo form though, Ania’s not going to wait around for a rescue or to be captured but can she evade the mysterious bounty hunter?

Once again, Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman deliver.  This isn’t an issue where a lot happens but it’s certainly one where we really get to know the characters better.  In particular, the insight into Jao and Sauk is pretty enlightening.  The inner turmoil that the the Imperial Knights go through in regards to how they feel about Ania as a person and how they feel about her in connection with the crime of which she’s been accused.

Probably one of the best of the things about this issue is how we finally get to see Marasiah Fel do something.  She’s only in the issue for a handful of pages but there’s a real life to her and it recalls that character that readers (like me) fell in love with at the start of the previous Legacy run.  None of this is to say that Bechko and Hardman have previously written her badly but rather that it was nice to see more of Sia and less of the Empress.

If you’ve been reading my previous reviews of Legacy, you ‘re well aware of how this section on the artwork goes.  Gabriel Hardman’s art with Jordan Boyd’s colors are completely on point.  It has a feel to it that’s more rugged than pretty which works well for a book set in the galaxy far far away about a (former) junk dealer and her rag tag band of friends.  On the flip side, the pages on Coruscant feel like the lines are a bit cleaner and the colors are brighter.  It works really well.

Star Wars: Legacy continues to get a solid 4/5 along with the recommendation to pick this book up already!