Review: Star Wars: Legacy #10

Another month, another brand new issue of Star Wars: Legacy!  Issue #10 by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman hits comic store shelves today, drawing the second arc of the series to a close.

When last we left our heroes, the cavalry, led by Admiral Stalzi and Knight Val, had just arrived to at Dac to answer Jao’s distress call.  Even with Admiral Stalzi’s excellent plan to take advantage of the Mon Cal’s and the Quarren’s ability to breath underwater by flooding parts of the station, it’s hardly an easy battle.  The pirates aren’t about to go down without a fight and Jao is locked in a duel with Darth Luft.  Reinforcements are hardly going to make the fight to retake the station an easy one though.

This issue brings the second arc of the series to an end and while it might not have done so in quite as explosive of a fashion as Issue #5 did, it wraps this part of the storyline up quite neatly while also setting up the next one.  (As per usual, there are no major spoilers in comic reviews for Tosche Station so you’ll have to read the issue to find out what makes the jaws of several characters drop.)  In fact, this issue actually makes the arc’s storyline work even better as a part of the series as a whole.

Bechko and Hardman do a great job of creating characters in the main cast who already feel fairly fleshed out even though readers haven’t had very long to get to know them.  That’s not to say that we know everything about them already (we’re looking at you, Ania) but rather that their actions and decisions feel logical for them to be making and not just something tossed in to further the story.  Jao in particular raises some interesting thoughts in regards to how strongly he feels about stopping Darth Wredd even though it likely means his life either way.  It would also be interesting to see more of the relationship between Jao and Master Val.

I’m running out of new complimentary ways to talk about the artwork on this book.  Again, Brian Albert Thies has a great style that just feels right for the book along with a neat approach to panel layout.  I look forward to continuing to see the art cycle between him and Hardman (who will be up again next issue).

With Issue #10, Star Wars: Legacy continues to put forth a solid showing and get a 4/5 from me with also a recommendation that you pick the book up.


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