Review: Star Wars #2

Mere weeks after their first issue hit comic store shelves, Jason Aaron and John Cassaday are back with the second issue of the brand new headline Star Wars series. An all-around well-received first issue can be a tough act to follow. Expectations are high so how does Issue #2 stand up?

When last we left our heroes, Luke Skywalker found himself facing off against Darth Vader while Han and Leia were doing their best to find their way out of the weapons factory on Cymoon 1 with all the rescued slaves. It’s a task easier said than done especially since Luke’s training as a Jedi has barely begun much less prepared him to face off against a Sith Lord.

The quality of Star Wars didn’t dip in the least with its second issue (which is always a worry) and the passion of Aaron, Cassaday, and everyone involved comes through loud and clear on every page. One of the things I loved best about this particular issue was how it preemptively shot down quibbles some fans raised based upon the preview art especially in regards to Luke facing Vader. Actually, the entire scene is incredibly well handled and I can’t find a flaw in Aaron’s train of logic.

As before, Jason Aaron has a strong grip on who each of the characters are. Luke has some great moments in this issue especially when he embraces his farmboy roots. Han and Leia are both spot on especially with their arguing. Actually, the best part is that all three characters feel believable in this post-Yavin world but not quite all the way to the people we see again on Hoth. It’s not just our heroes that Aaron does well with. His Vader is well written to and its reminiscent of Stover’s and Luceno’s Vaders in terms of his dialogue.

Cassaday’s art with Laura Martin’s colors continues to be solid. In this issue, it was a bit more noticeable that Luke looks a bit… off as does Han at times. This isn’t precisely something new to Star Wars comics though and didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the book. Cassaday was definitely a great choice for this book and his way of drawing blaster fire and lightsabers is fun.

Put it all together and you’ve got a book that continues to live up to the hype. Jason Aaron is pretty great at the cliffhanger and readers will undoubtedly be waiting impatiently to get their hands on the next issue.

Star Wars #2 stays strong with the Force and gets another 4/5 from us.