Review: Star Wars #12

Let me start with a note that you should definitely read this before you read Vader Down #1 as this is an arc wrap up before getting into the crossover.

Star Wars #12 by Jason Aaron and Stuart Immonen is a nice little wrap up to the second arc. We get a final-final answer to the Sana question, Luke gets rescued, and there’s some really freaking cool stuff in the middle. Some spoilers are going to follow.

By far, the coolest thing about this issue was that we got to see Leia wielding a lightsaber! Okay, so we also got to see Chewie and Han wielding them too but Leia! With a lightsaber! She’s not using it like a pro but she definitely looks like she was born to do so. I can only hope that she holds on to it for later.

Sana confirms that she’s not really Han’s wife and that her last name is actually Starros. She’s just really mad that she lost her share of the scam. What I do love is that there seems to be the start of a friendship or at the very least the start of mutual appreciation between Sana and Leia. Women not hating other women just for being women is always a plus in my book.

Finally, we get a little more information about the Hutt’s gamemaster who turns out to be a stormtrooper named Sgt. Kreel who has been in deep cover. We do not, however, ever see his face which leaves me intrigued and also wondering if we’ll see more of him in the future.

Aaron continues to do really great job with writing a story that feels new despite being in such a familiar time period and I cannot wait to see what happens when he and Gillen team up for Vader Down.


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