Review: Lando #3

Lando #3 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev definitely left me wanting more when I turned the final page… and I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. (Which in itself is about to be a confusing statement because I did enjoy the issue.) Heyyyy did you all see the rad cover with Lando Draper? (Dunnna Dunnnna Dunnn.)

This was clearly not Lando’s best-planned heist. They got the ship, sure, but that was the easy part. Now the twins are fighting two Royal Guards and Lobot’s down for the count and uhhh… what exactly is on the Emperor’s private yacht?

Going back to that first sentence… don’t get me wrong; Charles Soule is a fantastic writer and I’m enjoying the hell out of this mini far more than I expected. The biggest problem I had with this issue is that it just felt too short and like not nearly enough happened. Was the fight scene gorgeous and worth every last inch of real estate it took up? Absolutely. Plot-wise, it just felt like not enough happened and like I should’ve had another five pages or so of story. It’s not something I’d expect from the middle issue of a five issue series.

All this aside, the artwork in this book is basically flawless. Maleev and Mounts continue to knock it out of the park with their team up. I was especially impressed by the two page spreads of the twins fighting the Royal Guards. Maleev just makes it look so effortless.  I could’ve flipped through an entire issue’s worth of these wordless fight scenes.

I grumble a little about the pacing but there’s certainly plenty to like in this book. Soule seems to be setting readers up for such an explosive back half that I’m not sure how he’s going to manage to wrap everything up. Let’s not forget that Chanath Cha is still out there… and we have yet to see proof that this Palpatine hiring isn’t a woman or an alien. (I’m just saying.) Bring on Issue #4!