Review: Lando #2

If you want a book that has twists a plenty, Star Wars: Lando should do the trick. Lando #2 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev is out today and boy have Lando and company gotten into a lot more trouble than they figured. After all, who would have suspected that the yacht they stole was Emperor Palpatine’s and that he’d send three Star Destroyers after them? (Lando should’ve guessed. Only his luck would be that bad.)

This review has minor spoilers for the issue.

Once again, Charles Soule knocks it out of the park when it comes to writing Lando. There were more than a few lines where I could hear Billy Dee Williams’ voice in my head.  Soule even lets us see a little of what a great pilot Lando is which is something that seems to be often forgotten despite him blowing up a Death Star. I’m interested to see how the rest of this little group of scoundrels gets fleshed out in the next few issues especially given what an eclectic lot they are.

Alex Maleev does a fantastic job on the art work with Paul Mounts’ colors as the perfect accent. Actually, the more I flip through this book again, the more impressed and in love I am with this palette. This is, of course, essentially what I already said about the first issue but it remains quite true.

One thing that I definitely appreciated about this book was the introduction of Chanath Cha because, finally, there appears to be more than one bounty hunter in the galaxy.   Probably. It’s a reasonable assumption. We don’t know whether they’re a man or a woman or whether or not Chanath Cha is even human thanks to the body encasing armor. We’ll just have to wait and see where Soule takes this. You never know: we could quite possibly never learn anything more about Chanath Cha except that he/she/it is very expensive.

Lando #2 gets another 4/5 this month.