Review: Kanan #12

It’s nothing short of a crying shame when a good comic comes to an end but Kanan #12 by Greg Weisman and Andrea Broccardo is a well written finale that not only lets the book go out with not only a bang but includes a fantastic character appearance.

Spoilers after the jump.

Throughout the previous 11 issues, Weisman has been weaving a current-day Rebels tale throughout the stories about Kanan’s life back when he was still Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume. Ezra has a supporting role here and gets a few entertaining lines but this issue is really the culmination of Kanan’s story and holy hell does Weisman deliver in spades. Not only does Kanan’s story come full circle but his continuous use of “…never mind” is extremely funny especially after multiple people call him out on it.

I’m sorry, I thought I could talk about the rest of the issue more before getting to the surprise appearance but I was wrong. I unabashedly shrieked with glee when VICE ADMIRAL RAE SLOANE appeared on page with a blaster in hand. Apparently Kanan has been her “hobby” since he and Hera encountered her on Gorse and she was able to (in all of her free time in between getting promoted a lot) eventually track him back to his friend Morfizo. Have I mentioned yet that Rae Sloane is impressive? She is very impressive. This issue also sets up an even stronger case for her to appear in Rebels one day while simultaneously showing off what an awesome job the Story Group is doing of making everything fit together.

Kanan has been a fantastic comic and team effort by everyone involved both over at Marvel and at Lucasfilm and it’s a damn shame that it’s coming to an end. However, if the book must end at a mere 12 issues, this is a fantastic way to go out. It feels like Weisman and all of the artists involved got to tell a complete story that, while there was still room for more, won’t leave readers feeling cheated. Well done, folks, well done.

I cannot recommend this book enough and suggest that any interested fans pick up the trades once they’re both out. If I had to rate this book, it would get an excited “OMG FLAIL SO GOOD” from me on the very scientific rating scale.