Review: Han Solo #4

Tensions are running very high aboard the Millennium Falcon as the Dragon Void race continues and there just might be a traitorous spy amongst the rebels that Han and Chewie are picking up along the way. Han Solo #4 is a fast-paced issue with a lot happening but also a lot to love.

Marjorie Liu excels at writing Han Solo more than I could have possibly imagined. You can feel the conflict within him as he tries to decide between winning or doing the right thing. This is a Han Solo who cares and who, even if he’ll deny it, is coming around to being part of something bigger than himself.

It’s also worth mentioning that Liu writes an amusing Chewbacca. While he’s certainly not at the forefront quite as much as Han, he gets to play a fun supporting role and often offer a little bit of comic relief that’s almost reminiscent of him in The Force Awakens. I also appreciated the meta-feeling remark to the twi’leks about how they’re always dancing girls and the twi’leks’ subsequent death threat. It’s great seeing twi’lek women get to play much better roles in this new canon world.

One of the things I love about Mark Brooks’ artwork on this book is how rich every page is. There’s something about it that makes this universe feel very lived in and real. The pages tend to be fairly busy which really adds to the feel of the book but Brooks knows when to take a step back and use a panel for impact. It’s really great work.

Han Solo #4 lived up to the promise of the previous issue and has me very anxiously awaiting the next and final one!

Han Solo #4: Marjorie Liu/Writer, Mark Brooks/Artist, Sonia Oback & Matt Milla/Colors, Joe Caramagna/Letterer, Jordan White/Editor, Heather Antos/Assistant Editor


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