Review: Han Solo #3

It’s been a little while since the last issue but I’d say it was definitely worth the wait! I’ve been enjoying the book so far but Issue #3 is where it felt like Marjorie Liu and the rest of the team really kicked into another gear. Hot damn this book is fun!

Mark Brooks’ artwork on this book positively thrills me especially during the race scenes. It’s chaotic yet beautiful and something about it really speaks to me. In particular, the two-page spread during the 12-hour phase of the race was just downright awesome. He really is the perfect pick for this book and I’m happy to see more of his work.

Like I said before, this book is fun. To be fair, it’d be tricky for the book to not be fun given the premise.  It’s a space race. That said, it’s not all fun and games because the Empire is still involved. Loo Re Anno, one of the legendary racers, is the last of her kind and Liu doesn’t shy away from the implications of this. When one of the Imperials mentions that he has always wondered how “an entire race can dwindle down to one individual,” Loo Re Anno points out that “it usually requires help.” Damn. There’s more of a story here and I’d like to know it. And also for her to meet Zeb. They can be friends.

It’s worth mentioning again that Liu really gets Han Solo. I can almost hear Harrison Ford’s voice in my mind as I read some of his lines. This Han is the perfect step between the out-for-himself smuggler we first met in Mos Eisley and the guy who’s actually starting to believe in this whole Rebellion thing. He’s a character in flux and it’s fascinating to read. Kudos to everyone involved.

In case it wasn’t clear, Han Solo definitely gets a strong recommendation from me!

Han Solo #3: Marjorie Liu/Writer, Mark Brooks/Artist, Sonia Oback/Colors, Joe Caramagna/Letterer, Jordan White/Editor, Heather Antos/Assistant Editor