Review: Darth Vader (2017) #10

If Darth Vader #10 tells us anything, it’s that there is still a bit of Anakin Skywalker close to the surface of the man who is now Darth Vader.

We all knew how this story arc was going to end for Jocasta Nu. There was no other option. We know how this sort of tale ends for the Jedi. That said, what an ending for her and I can only hope that someone further down the timeline makes use of the seeds that Jocasta planted. More people need to read this comic and give her some respect. If nothing else, read it for a badass old lady condescendingly calling Vader ‘boy’ and not giving a damn that he could kill her with a thought.

The one thing that this comic has consistently done beautifully is explore the rough transition from Anakin to Vader without ever actually putting us inside of the Sith Lord’s head. There’s still a little bit of the Jedi hero that was once within him; the sort of man who hesitates when it comes to killing his clearly defeated enemies. I couldn’t help but draw mental parallels between how he treats an unarmed Jocasta and how he inititally treated an unarmed Dooku. In contrast, we see the lengths he’s willing to go to protect his own secret… and it doesn’t end well for the clones. (Honestly, does this book ever end well for the clones?) Either way, it’s a delightful slow burn that has me always eagerly awaiting the next issue.

Darth Vader #10 is a satisfying conclusion for the Jocasta Nu arc and absolutely one that’s worth picking up just like this entire comic has been.

Darth Vader #10: Charles Soule/Writer, Giuseppe Camuncoli/Pencils, Daniele Orlandini/Inks, David Curiel/Colorist, Joe Caramagna/Letterer, Heather Antos/Assistant Editor, Jordan D. White/Editor


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