Review: Darth Vader #19

It’s ever so nice when you read the last issue of an arc, flip the book closed, smile to yourself, and say “That was everything I hoped for.” That’s exactly what I did when I finished Darth Vader #19 by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca. When Gillen first introduced Queen Trios (then Princess Trios) in the Darth Vader Annual, this was exactly the sort of story I was hoping we would see. (What can I say: I’m a sucker for the Star Wars royals.)  Marvel has absolutely delivered.

Some spoilers after the jump.

In one of my previous reviews, I mentioned that I was curious to see what Trios would become if she survived this arc. A strong Queen who does not forgive the betrayals of her barons is exactly the sort of Trios I was hoping for. The influence of the Empire or rather Vader has been strong. The fire has forged steel. Her exchange at the end with the stormtrooper captain was especially amusing. Maybe one day we’ll get more stories about her because she’s too good of a character to be limited to a mere handful of comic issues.

This is, however, a book about Vader and Gillen does not forget that this is a Sith Lord to be feared. His torture of one of the twins had my mouth hanging open because HOLY HELL ANAKIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING. That was just… a whole nother level of cruel because he knows exactly how it feels.

I’m sad to see the twins go but it was absolutely worth it for this rad of an arc. Hopefully we will return to Shu-Torun one day. In the mean time… time to start worrying about Doctor Aphra again.  (Look… I know what I’m about when it comes to Star Wars, okay?)