Report: Kennedy Says Lucasfilm Ramping Up for 2-3 Films Per Year?

“2-3 Films per year? Seems aggressive.”

Dunc over at Club Jade spotted an interesting (and surprising) quote in the Star Wars edition issue of Entertainment Weekly. According to them, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy wants to make 2-3 films a year?

Lucasfilm’s co-chairman and soon-to-be president, Kathleen Kennedy, has told employees she wants the company to produce two or three films a year (it’s averaged fewer than four per decade), and first up is Star Wars: Episode VII for 2015, which will pick up sometime after Darth Vader gave his life to overthrow (figuratively and literally) the Emperor and save Luke in 1983’s Episode VI— Return of the Jedi. Yes, the plan is to return to the characters in the first trilogy (1977–83). Whether the original actors will have significant roles or merely be on hand to pass the baton to a new generation of actors—something Lucasfilm tried with mixed success with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Disney with TRON: Legacy—is unclear.

Now, let’s be clear. Based on this quote, it doesn’t mean that this would equate to 2-3 Star Wars films per year. It could be 2-3 films with any existing or potentially new Lucasfilm intellectual property. I’d hope it’s the latter, because 2-3 Star Wars films per year screams market over-saturation to me.

If it’s 2-3 Lucasfilm projects that aren’t necessarily Star Wars, that actually makes a lot of sense. With the capital resources Disney can now provide, the studio can probably afford to expand the scope of their work dramatically.

Or option the third, Entertainment Weekly misquoted Kennedy or misunderstood what she was talking about. I expect multiple news outlets are reaching out to Lucasfilm and Disney for clarification right now.