Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job

rebels logoGary Whitta is, without a doubt, living his best life.  He not only wrote the forthcoming Rogue One but now he’s also responsible for two episodes of Star Wars Rebels this season.  Add all of that to how his episodes have featured Wedge Antilles AND Hondo Ohnaka and…well… Four for you Gary Whitta!  You go, Gary Whitta!

The Wynkahthu Job starts as most Hondo episodes do: he has a job for the crew of the Ghost.  It’s a job with the potential to leave him rich and the Rebellion with a lot of bombs.  The only catch is that they’re also going to have to work with Azmorigan.  (Yeah you remember: the squat red alien who tried to buy Hera.)  Needless to say, Hera’s not pleased by this turn of events (which Ezra was aware of) and, for some reason, doesn’t immediately go get another tray but instead puts Zeb in charge of the mission.  It’s not surprising that Ezra’s not happy and that the mission goes far less smoother than expected.  This is Star Wars after all.

One of the best things about this episode was the reintroduction of the droid AP-5 and his distinctly Alan Rickman voice.  (Props yet again to the fantastic Stephen Stanton.)  It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see AP-5 so his appearance was a nice surprise.  Hondo, of course, is always an excellent inclusion.  He really was the best character to pull in as a recurring guest from The Clone Wars.  He’s really quite a simple fellow and just wants his money but there’s always something oddly charming and fun about him that brightens up an episode.

On the other hand… Honestly, I feel bad for ragging on Ezra but I’m growing very frustrated with his antics this season.   It comes off as painfully entitled and tone deaf.  Part of the frustration comes from the dark side slipping Ezra we were promised at the start of the season but was far too quickly resolved.  Instead, it feels like we’re right back to Season Two Ezra but now with added arrogance.  I keep waiting for the consequences but so far… nothing.

This episode does actually feature the entire crew even if Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper at the away team.  These sorts of episodes tend to be my favorites because the feeling of family is what originally pulled me into the show.  Vanessa Marshall gives a great performance as Hera’s growing concerns throughout the mission feel almost tangible.  I’d love to see an episode focused purely on Hera and Kanan on a mission together and for more than just Space Married reasons.  They both need more to do and it would be interesting to see more of how their partnership dynamic has grown and changed in the many years since Gorse.

A few assorted thoughts before we go:

  • It was all worth it for the door gag
  • Chopper is the real MVP
  • I’d be happy to never see Azmorigan ever again
  • Zeb actually did a good job of being mission leader despite his entire team being a pain

Overall, the Wynkahthu Job is another solid episode of Star Wars Rebels that’s most definitely a swing up from last week’s Iron Squadron but not one that’s a series standout.