Rebels Review: Brothers of the Broken Horn

If Rebels has figured out how to do anything, it’s making bottle episodes supremely entertaining.

Let’s just get this out of the way. This episode really didn’t add much in way of the show’s lore and didn’t exactly push the plot along. It’s very much like the X-Files monster of the week episodes that showed up between the main plot episodes. Interesting, entertaining, but not exactly groundbreaking. That disclaimer out of the way: this episode is one of the most fun episodes of Rebels yet.


Ezra’s not quite feeling being a Jedi or a soldier, then gets busted for not doing his chores. In other words, Ezra’s being a teenager of the highest degree. The start of this episode is one where you just want to smack Ezra and scream GROW UP. In any case, Ezra’s got a case of the angsts and goes for a joyride in the Phantom to go answer a distress call from Vizago (remember him?).

Ezra gets to Vizago’s ship, finds it eerily empty, and then runs into the reason why. All together now: HONDO!

Again, it bears repeating that not a whole lot happens in this episode. Hondo suckers Ezra into going on a supply run mission, it goes really bad, they head back to Vizago’s ship, things get worse, and Ezra ends the day being thrown into an escape pod, and the episode ends with Hondo saying something profound about Ezra.

So why the hell was this so much fun? Well, humor written well can cover up a great many flaws.

Look at some of the lesser Buffy episodes. Even the worst ones had sharp one-liners that would grab a laugh. This episode of Rebels? The wit was sharp. It probably had more quotable one-liners than every other episode of the show put together. I hope whatever inspiration came to the writers room when they found out they got to write Hondo again sticks around for every other character. This episode was absolutely Whedon-esque, and that’s why it’ll be one of my go-to rewatch episodes for a long time.

“The stories I could tell. So many of them true!”

“I’m rich! I’m dead!”

“The semi-famous Lando Calrissian!”

I mean. I need every one of these on a shirt.

Bravo, Rebels writing team. I haven’t laughed that hard at something Star Wars related since Starfighters of Adumar.


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