Rebels Review: Blood Sisters

rebels logoIt’s taken a while but we finally got our Sabine episode! And it wasn’t just a Sabine focused episode; it was a Sabine backstory tease episode!

Spoilers after the jump.

Busy with her new role as Phoenix Leader, Hera entrusts Sabine with a mission to find a courier and make sure the very important intel they’re carrying safely reaches the Rebellion. One problem: a bounty hunter named Ketsu Onyo is after that same courier… and she’s an old friend of Sabine’s!

Blood Sisters is a really all around awesome episode that delivers some badly needed spotlight on Sabine. Thankfully, the writers were aware enough to come up with a reason for Ezra to quickly be taken out of the picture fairly early in the episode and we’re left with Sabine, Chopper, Ketsu, and the gonk droid courier. We learn that Sabine and Ketsu were at the Imperial Academy together, helped each other escape, and then worked together as bounty hunters for some time before Ketsu left Sabine for dead. Now, Sabine’s a Rebel and Ketsu’s a bounty hunter for Black Sun.

For every question that this episode answered about our favorite Mandalorian, I have at least two more. How old was she when they left the Academy? How long was she a bounty hunter for? Why did she turn to bounty hunting? How much older is Ketsu? Why on earth was working for Black Sun their dream? Were Ketsu and Sabine graffiti artist besties at the Academy? Why must they insist on sloooowly using the power of storytelling to let us in on all of these secrets when I want to know now?

Gina Torres does an awesome job voicing Ketsu and I absolutely love her look! (The design was an unused one from TFA!) Hopefully, we’ll see her character return at some point in the future. It would be fun to see her take up the frenemy role that was often utilized in the Clone Wars show.

This episode was definitely also a chance for Chopper to shine. Not only was he an integral part of the mission but we also got to see that he really does care about the rest of the crew of the Ghost… even Ezra. It was especially fun to watch him work together with Sabine who clearly already knows and respects the capabilities of everyone’s favorite cranky droid.

The one thing about the episode that bothered me was the sequence where Ketsu shot the door off the Star Tours shuttle and Chopper got sucked out the door. I find it surprising that a) the shield thing didn’t engage automatically and b) that Sabine didn’t die. That seemed like a long time for all the air to not get sucked out and there’s no way Sabine’s helmet provided much protection since there’s no armor for it to attach to and form a seal… but then again, I’m not a science person so I could be wrong.

Overall, Blood Sisters was a solidly enjoyable episode that had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to immediately watch it again. These are the sorts of episodes that make me love the heck out of this show.

Oh. And if you’re curious, Rebels Recon this week finally addresses the twi’lek ear question. Star Wars nerds are weird, man. 😉


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