Rebels Review: A Princess on Lothal

rebels logoHere comes the General! No wait, that’s not quite right… here comes the Senatorial Aide-Princess of Alderaan! This week, Rebels finally brought in the one character I’ve been hoping for since the show was first announced? How’d they do? Not too shabby.

The Rebels and the people of Lothal need help and Bail Organa is hardly one to turn a blind eye so he sends his daughter to the planet with three ships. One problem: the Ghost’s crew has to make it look like they’re stealing the ships so no one can suggest that Alderaan is aiding the Rebels. They’re going to have to come up with a really good plan to pull this heist off even with a Princess on the inside.

It’s impossible to discuss the episode and not talk about Leia first. I love that we got to see her in the show and that it didn’t feel forced. Like many have said, she’s the easiest film character to fit into this storyline without making it feel like a stunt casting. However, I was left wanting far more from her by the end. This is the story I want to hear more about because this is a 15-year-old girl who routinely leads these sorts of missions and faces down Imperial officers like it’s nothing. That said, I wish this had been a higher profile mission and not something that felt like a tool for convincing the Governor to come out of his exile and join the Rebellion. It also seemed a little odd that not a single one of the crew reacted to her title. Obviously I want the core crew of the Ghost to stay the stars of the show but I think we could’ve seen more of her interact with the crew in a bigger story and it’s too bad this is the only time we get to see her this season.

The episode did give us a lot of fun chances to compare and contrast Leia and Ezra. They’re the same age and yet their maturity levels couldn’t be more different. They may both be talented with the Force but they approach problems very different ways. There was an especially nice moment with them where he asks why she helps the Rebellion and her answer is a textbook perfect example of using privilege to the advantage of others.

I do have to note that this episode did two things very well. First is the score. Kevin Kiner always does a good job but he especially knocked it out of the park during the final battle scenes. Second is that this was an episode which really showed the crew as a team. While Ezra and Kanan still got a bit more screen times, the entire crew had to contribute in a meaningful way to their victory. It’s something that the second season has been sorely lacking in many episodes this season and I hope we continue to see more of it.

A Princess on Lothal was a fun an enjoyable episode but ultimately one that could have been a far better showcase for Princess Leia Organa.