Tosche Station Radio

Tosche Station Radio is the official podcast of and part of the Majestic Giraffe Productions. Join hosts Nanci and Brian for a weekly sojourn into Star Wars and Geek Culture news and discussion. You can hit the links below for streams, download links, and each episode’s show notes. The podcast is also available on Feedburner, Stitcher, and the iTunes Music Store. Be sure to also listen to our recordings live over at Livestream.

Notable guests:

  • Episode 15 – Mike Stackpole
  • Episode 19 – Aaron Allston
  • Episode 26 – Bryan Young
  • Episode 33 – Ashley Eckstein
  • Episode 59 – Jason Fry
  • Episode 64 – Amy Ratcliffe
  • Episode 67 – John Jackson Miller
  • Episode 71 – Janine Spendlove
The Episodes: