Of Dice and Droids


Welcome to Of Dice and Droids, Tosche Station’s official tabletop gaming project!

So what exactly is this? Well, it’s is a podcast that will be all about pen and paper Star Wars RPGs. We’ll be talking about the mechanics of tabletop gaming, how to put a campaign together, how to play, and answering questions from listeners. The centerpiece, though, is an actual campaign that we’ll be recording for a twice-monthly podcast. You can learn more about the players, the game, and the story here!

Be sure to subscribe on iTunes/Google Play to hear all of the adventures! You can also subscribe to the Tosche Station Radio master podcast feed  (iTunes/Google Play) for even more great Star Wars  and geek culture content.

The current roster:

  • Tom: Game Master, Holder of the Title Darth Internous

The Rebels

  • Brian Larsen: Editor here at Tosche Station
  • Nanci Schwartz: Editor here at Tosche Station
  • Rocky: Contributor at 1138

The Mercenaries

  • Sho: Contributor here at Tosche Station
  • Jay: Contributor at 1138
  • Saf: Contributor here at Tosche Station and at every fansite in the multiverse