Star Wars Weekends Episode II: Celebrate the Love

Welcome to May 22-24, the second of five wonderful Star Wars Weekends! This was a pretty special weekend for us. Not only was it a weekend that featured the likes of Warwick Davis, Silas Carson, and Vanessa Marshall, but it was also our anniversary.

We were fortunate to stay at the Swan and Dolphin resort hotel on Disney’s Boardwalk area. Nestled between Hollywood Studios and Epcot, it’s a perfect location with the perfect price point. Because it’s not technically a Disney hotel, it comes in much cheaper than the majority of the park-owned properties but still maintains all of the perks and quality you’d come to expect from a stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Andy Serkis is Supreme Leader Snoke

The Official Site has a great interview with Annie Leibovitz about her Vanity Fair photo spread.

Included in that interview is a previously unseen photo of Andy Serkis rigged in mo-cap gear, and they also dropped his character name: Supreme Leader Snoke (of the First Order?).

Leibovitz also had some nice words about Adam Driver, who plays masked villain Kylo Ren.


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A Newbie’s Guide to Star Wars Weekends

Amy Ratcliffe recently attended her first Star Wars Weekends and if her coverage is any indication, she had a fabulous time. Check out her write-ups of the Rebel Hangar lounge experience, all the tiny desserts, the plethora of specialty drinks, and meet and greets with Star Wars characters.

We also recapped our time at Weekend 1, and stay tuned for our recap of Weekend 2!

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TFN’s Jedi Council Forum Lifts LGBTQ+ Restrictions

Yesterday morning, first word came that the TFN forums were in the process of making a big change: finally ditching the ban on same sex relationships. Initially, there was concern that this change would only apply to original characters and not established characters. Later in the day, however, these concerns were put to rest thanks to one of the moderators in their communication forum.

I can now announce that MS has decided that the lifting of the same-sex romance ban applies to canon and EU characters as well as original characters — it’s a full lift, in line with the existing PG-13 rules about opposite sex romances. I’m sure we’ll have something official-ish soon, but we thought you all should know ASAP so there’s no uncertainty that this is a full lifting of the ban.

For better or worse and despite all odds (considering the competition from the likes of AO3 and, the TFN fan fiction forums continues to really be the hub for written fanwork in the Star Wars community.

It’s rather easy to be cynical about this and say that they’ve finally stepped into the year 2003, but you know what? I’m just not going to listen to that cynicism. One of the biggest touchpoints and indisputably the biggest written fanwork touchpoint has changed their rules to create a much more inclusive environment for fans.

On my Twitter timeline last night were folks who had left TFN ages ago or had never even bothered to join because of these rules. Those folks are now looking to to back or join for the first time. They feel welcome there.

Speaking for myself, I know I feel the same way. I may just start posting there with some frequency again.

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Tosche Station: One Year and Counting

38 years ago today, Star Wars was born into the world.

1 year ago today, Brian and I got married.

The matching anniversaries are not a coincidence.

When Brian and I got engaged, we immediately knew we wanted to have our wedding on the real Star Wars Day, aka May 25. Given that date fell on a Sunday, as well as during Star Wars Weekends and Memorial Day Weekend in particular, it was the easiest decision to make of all the wedding planning. We were able to have our ceremony and reception in the morning/afternoon, eat delicious brunch foods, and then head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the evening for James Arnold Taylor’s show and the Symphony in the Stars fireworks.

Anniversaries are a time for reflection, and since we never shared our Star Wars wedding photos on the blog, you’re getting them now. The official photos were taken by Brian’s brother, who is an amazing photographer, and the others come from my iPhone and Bria’s camera.

We’d also like to thank Robin Smith of Rhapsody in Blooms, our wonderful wedding planner, Shannon Donahue of Tulle Box Details for all of the fabulous artwork, Emily for serving as our officiant, and Shane for being DJ. Not to mention all our family and friends who celebrated with us and were in the wedding party.

Star Wars might just be a movie series, but the connections Brian and I have made through fandom have been invaluable. I don’t know what my life would be like without Star Wars, nor do I want to think about it. So thank you, George, for everything, and Happy Birthday Star Wars.

And Happy Anniversary, Brian. “I know.”

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Legends Recs: If You Like Rebels, You Should Read Wraith Squadron

We’re starting a new series here at Tosche Station: Legends Recs. While we support the new Story Group era canon and are super excited for new stories like Aftermath and The Force Awakens, the old Expanded Universe holds a special place in our hearts. But we know that as long as we keep reading, these stories will never die. To that end, we’re offering recommendations for Legends stories based on what people enjoy in the new canon. Up first, we explore one of the best novel series in the EU that also paved the way for a new group of Rebels. 

rebels logoThe second season of Star Wars Rebels premieres on June 20. The series has done extraordinarily well, and has surprised a lot of viewers (myself included) with how high the stakes have grown in just 16 episodes. I loved the Ghost crew by the end of “Spark of Rebellion,” and after “Fire Across the Galaxy” the Specters felt just as familiar to me as EU characters I’d loved for over 20 years.

One of the reasons Rebels resonates with me so much is the aspect of the crew as family. They’re together, flying across the galaxy, looking for different jobs and ways to fight against the Empire. And they remind me of another group of characters who excel at creating their own special brand of chaos: Wraith Squadron.

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Tosche Station Radio #117: Luke Skywalker and Beyond


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Heath joins us this week for a discussion of all things Luke Skywalker!

Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog. Nanci recapped Week 1 of Star Wars Weekends. Bria reviewed Star Wars #4 and #5, Princess Leia #3, Kanan #2, Darth Vader #5. Go/No-Go for Lords of the Sith and a more in-depth review from Brian. Sho wrote about Moff Mors and the importance of first impressions. In Celebration of the Kentucky Derby, Carr resurrected Bake it So with Boonta Eve Podracing Pie. Celebration odds and ends: Cosplay Roundup, What Celebration Taught us about The Force Awakens, What Celebration Taught us about Rogue One, What Celebration taught us about Rebels, Celebration Anaheim Publishing News, Interview with Jason Fry. Thank You, Kathleen Kennedy. And finally, Tosche Station goes to Disneyland

In Fixer’s Flash, the hosts have been busy at Star Wars Weekends. Dragon Con 2015? Booked.

In Deak’s Dirt, we’ve learned that Star Wars Rebels returns on June 20. Meanwhile, Wired has the definitive oral history on ILM.

Biggs’ Bull#&$*! starts with a lot of Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair photo spread, JJ Abrams interview in Vanity Fair, Interview with costume designer Michael Kaplan, Interview with Lawrence Kasdan. Interview with Pip Anderson about his role. According to the Japanese press event, Daisy Ridley was trained in bōjutsu, which means she’ll be using that awesome staff! Oscar Isaac in his base jumpsuit. Gird your wallets, Force Friday coming September 4

This week’s Camie’s Concerns is all about Luke Skywalker. What are our hopes and expectations for him in the Sequel Trilogy and beyond?

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Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

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