Our 2015 Superlatives – Movies Edition

It’s the end of 2015, which means it’s time for Best of Lists! Here at Tosche Station, we thought we’d break up our lists into categories, and post a different topic per day.

In this installment, we discuss our favorite movies of 2015.

Nanci – I went back and forth on my favorite movie of the year (other than The Force Awakens, of course), but in the end I had to choose Mad Max: Fury Road. (My other option was The Martian.) What can I say? This movie is so shiny and chrome. I didn’t catch this in the theatre (along with being lax in reading books, I was very lax in going to the movies this year), but I really wish I had. I was glued to this story from the first scene, and couldn’t take my eyes off it while watching it at home. Usually I’ll be watching a movie or TV show while surfing the internet, but Fury Road captured my entire attention. Imperator Furiosa is such an amazing character, and I was not expecting Nicholas Hoult to make my cry.

Saf – This is hard, because though I adored Mad Max: Fury Road and think it’s a cinematic masterpiece, Mockingjay Part 2 is the film I’ve gone to see the most (other than TFA, obviously) and will continue to watch a lot once it’s out on Blu-ray. The Hunger Games basically owns what life I have outside of Star Wars already, so I think Mockingjay wins out for me.

Bria – By far and away, my favorites this year were Ex Machina for completely blowing my mind and Man from UNCLE for being so gosh darn delightful.  I can’t pick between them because I loved them both for completely different reasons.

Brian – Easy choice for me, The Martian. In what was a thoroughly amazing year for science fiction in the cinema, this one stood out. The hopeful tones, the brilliant one liners, the funny to balance the dread. Wonderful return to form for Ridley Scott.