One Year Ago Today…


The above conversation was probably representative of a number of conversations you all had with your peers. Except you probably didn’t bother to black out the expletives.

One year ago today, the entire fandom was blindsided by the news that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas. That was wild enough, but shortly after those rumbling began trickling out onto the Internet something even wilder happened. Disney confirmed the sale and announced that the one thing that was never going to happen was about to become a reality: The Sequel Trilogy.

At the time of the announcement, I was in a Taco Bell in Moses Lake, Washington having just finished up a work trip. Nanci sent me the above text message alerting me to the news and a few hours later Dunc from Club Jade joined us for the first and only emergency podcast episode we have ever done.

And here we were worried we’d have nothing to talk about after Celebration VI. What are your memories from the day Disney bought Lucasfilm?


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…

  1. Guys, I remember those tweets well and they are still as genuine/funny/spot on/relevant today. It's a year, but we've not learned too much and I pretty much feel the same.
    That said, a lot HAS happened outside of Ep7 and the Disney deal, so we're in a different place, and fandom is certainly mobilising for the new films and TV shows. Great time to be a fan!

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