More Episode VII News and Rumors

Star_Wars_logoThis weekend brought us more in the way of Episode VII news and rumors so here are a few pieces of news you might’ve missed.

First, Episode VII has a costume designer and it is not Trisha Biggar who worked on the Prequel Trilogy.  (Farewell gorgeous and elaborate dresses!)  Michael Kaplan confirmed with Clothes On Film that he will be the costume designer for Episode VII.  Kaplan has previously worked with JJ Abrams, mostly recently for Star Trek: Into Darkness, and is considered to be a regular collaborator with the director.

Next, we turn to the land of rumors.  According to Latino Review, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) is supposedly in the running for a part in Episode VII.  The report does not specify what staring role Rhys Meyers could be up for and only that he is supposedly in talks.  Rhys Meyers is best known for playing Henry VIII on Showtime’s The Tudors and will be in the forthcoming Dracula show this fall.  As with all rumors, we’d like to remind you that this is not confirmed and should not be treated as fact.
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Finally, although Kathleen Kennedy has said that Episode VII won’t be surrounded with the same sort of secrecy that Star Trek: Into Darkness was, producer Bryan Burk’s comments in an interview with /Film indicate that there still might be a fair amount of secrecy:

I guess what I’m saying is it’s always that balance. It’s a hard thing. If I were to right now tell you all of the things that were going to happen in Star Wars in detail, the left side of your brain would say  ’Awesome,’ you guys would have this exclusive and know all of this stuff. But the right side is going to sit down one day and see the movie for the first time and you’d have all of that kind of spoiled, so it’s that balance of wanting to know everything and not wanting to know everything at the same time.

It’s like a magic trick and there’s nobody who wants to know how all of the magic tricks are done more than me. Then the second I learn how they are done, it’s like “Oh” and it kind of goes away.

So we might all be playing the ‘wait and see’ game in regards to spoilers or facts about Episode VII.  You can read the rest of Burk’s comments along with Damon Lindelof’s at the linked interview above.


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  1. Well, unfortunately, I wasn't too thrilled with the costumes in ST:Into Darkness (well, other than the standard gold, blue, and red shirts). Let's hope Kaplan does better with SW.

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