Lighting The Legends Fanfiction Signal

Yes, the old “Expanded Universe” has been decreed “Legends.” Some people are unhappy with the idea, and that’s okay. We at Tosche Station have already discussed this ad nauseum, and have all made our peace with the idea. That doesn’t mean we’re completely satisfied, though. While the old EU was sometimes bloated, full of off-the-rails characterization, and simmering with contradictions, there were many stories left to tell. It’s disappointing to know we may never see the proper end of them.

To that end, we’re here to light the fanfiction signal as we list the loose threads and storylines from Legends we’re going to miss most.

Nanci: I think I speak for all of us at Tosche Station when I say I’m most disappointed about not getting the continuing adventures of the new Wraith Squadron. Aaron Allston gave us the most fitting end to the Legends book chronology with X-Wing: Mercy Kill (Crucible? What’s that?),  and we know he had more stories to tell with those characters. Between Allston’s death and the end of the Legends timeline, this one hurts doubly so.

Bria: I want to get Solo’s Twelve.  I’ve heard Zahn’s pitch for it twice and it’s the sequel filled with unappreciated characters and capable ladies that we need in our lives.

Brian: To this day, I am bitter we never got proper resolution to the Wedge Antilles and Baron Fel storyline. Mike Stackpole set it up, Aaron Allston put it on a tee, New Jedi Order primed the pump for Wedge and Fel to eventually meet. And then…Nothing. Absofreakinglutely nothing. You know what should have answered this? The-not-published-but-still-sitting-on-Mike-Stackpole-and-Tim-Zahn’s-hard-drive rough manuscript entitled The Reenlistment of Baron Fel.

Nanci: I always wanted to see Mara and Mirax flying around the galaxy and getting arrested.

Brian: I’m also sad that I never got an entire book of Ben Skywalker being a total smartass and Luke just gritting his teeth and facepalming.

Bria: I will always be waiting for the story of Mace Windu and Nick Rostu fighting in the Clone Wars together after the events of Shatterpoint.

Nanci: I’m sounding like a broken record when it comes to Mara Jade, but I really wanted more of her before she became a Jedi, with or without Luke’s presence. Bonus points if it featured Karrde’s entire organization. Basically explaining why it took her 10 years to become a Jedi–her Shadows of Mindor, so to speak.

Brian: How great would an entirely Smuggler!Mara book have been? Just a standalone book of some one-off adventure. I would have loved it to pieces.

Nanci: I would also accept a solo Karrde book. Or him with Shada. Because “not going to happen” my foot.

Bria: Blood Oath.  Can we just get Blood Oath?

Brian: How about this on a Young Adult front? Mike Stackpole set up that Hobbie and Wes were off teaching at flight school during the first four X-Wing novels. Imagine Hogwarts in SPACE. With X-Wings. And Wes and Hobbie.

Nanci: Those poor students. 

Bria: Lanoree Brock from Into the Void had so much potential and I am bummed that we’ll never get to see her further adventures as a Je’daii Ranger.

Nanci: Christie Golden mentioned this idea at Dragon Con: Vestara leading the Lost Tribe of the Sith against the One Sith in a Joan of Arc style saga. I never knew how much I wanted that until she mentioned it. Instead we got Crucible.

Brian: We could have had it all. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL. Instead, Crucible.

Nanci: Speaking of Crucible, I was really hoping that was the book that would finally give me Luke and Leia being Jedi Wonder Twins. Instead we got them being jerks and getting maimed and wanting to kill teenagers. I guess that’s better than the incest of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, but not by much. Let’s hope that the new EU will give us something to this effect.

Bria: I am absolutely in the minority here at Tosche Station but I need some sort of film era closure in regards to Clan Skiarta.  We were never going to get it even before Legends happened but the 501st book was such an unsatisfying end that I desperately wish that Karen Traviss could be convinced to just publish all her notes about Clan Skiarta from between 501st and where we next see them in LotF.  I need it.

Nanci: A Padme political thriller, a la Darth Plagueis. We could also still get this, of course. I mean, if they give us Tarkin… Well, we’ll see if they ever realize the idea sell. I’m betting on “no.”

Bria: Explain to me again why we never saw the secret family life of Tycho and Winter Celchu?

Brian: Okay, here’s something else we didn’t get in the Legends EU but we still theoretically could get. Picture this, two books: Red Squadron is the first, The 181st is the second. Yes or yes?

Nanci: Hell yes.


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  1. Are there still active Fan-Fic communities writing for the Legends EU? I tried looking some up for X-Wing style stories (as I was considering a Tycho origins trilogy) but couldn't find any. I wasn't sure there was much of a fan base for it anymore.

    • The X-Wing stuff is hard to find these days, but a great resource for a ton of quality archived fic in that vein can be found here:

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