Review: Star Wars: Legacy #4

Somehow, Ania Solo’s week just keeps taking her further and further away from being a junk dealer and into a much larger universe.  Out today is Legacy: Prisoner of the Floating World #4 by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman and trouble is definitely the name of the game here for our heroes.

This review contains mild spoilers for the issue.

Ania, Sauk, Jao, and AG-37 found themselves in even more trouble at the end of the previous issue as there ship is caught in a tractor beam.  Despite valiant efforts to fight back, there is nothing they can do to avoid being arrested and tossed in prison or, in Jao Assam’s case, put into a stasis field.  Meanwhile, the Governor of the Carreras System is slowly becoming suspicious of this Imperial Knight and whether he’s really making the right choices with the right intentions.

This is another issue where the plot really heats up and starts moving along at full speed.  The story is engaging and the characters are compelling.  Of course, Ania Solo continues to live up to her family name so much that I’m starting to wonder if she might be Han reincarnated.  On the other hand, there is a bit of parallelism between her story’s start and Luke Skywalker’s as they are both drawn into this much larger galaxy. As for Sauk, he’s another loveable character that you can’t help but shake your head with as he tries to keep his best friend out of trouble.  The Sith villain is also intriguing and is bound to leave readers asking more about him and his backstory as the comic move forward.

I’ve previously praised the artwork/coloring duo of Gabriel Hardman and Rachelle Rosenberg and that continues to hold true here.  There’s one panel in particular where the Sith villain Force chokes someone and it stands out as being gorgeously done.  Also, the combination of the artwork and the story several pages later feel like a beautifully done homage to the scene in Attack of the Clones where Dooku speaks to a captive Obi-Wan.  It stands on its own but also works well as a visual nod.

Because I strive to keep these reviews only mildly spoilery, I won’t spell out the end.  Instead, I’ll just say that it made me gasp and immediately want the next issue.  (Is it July yet?)

Legacy holds steady as a solidly enjoyable book that I continue to recommend and give another 4/5.


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