Knights of the Old Replay: Telos

Dantooine might be mildly more ridiculously fun than Telos when it comes to second planets but there’s something to be said for how much more immersive this “level” feels because there’s a heck of a lot to it. We make it to the Citadel Station orbiting Telos buuuuut there’s a slight problem: the Republic’s not happy and decides to imprison you because the destruction of Peragus sure does look shifty and by the time they’ve worked out it wasn’t your fault, someone’s stolen the Ebon Hawk. Jerks.

Citadel Station puts you in the middle of a battle between the very nice Ithorians and the very not nice Czerka Corporation and it’s not hard to guess which is the light side and which is the dark side option. (Seriously though: Czerka is the WORST.) It is fun that the Ithorians don’t mind condoning breaking and entering to help you along. Along the way, there are the usual ‘help out random people or screw them over’ mini missions and honestly, I think I might be a better person in video games than I am in real life because I’m not about to give a stranger 2000 credits any time soon.

I almost neglected the most important thing: the return of my Space Husband Carth Onasi. Okay so maybe we just keep seeing him in holograms but he definitely has a role to play here. Apparently the Exile was being brought to him and the Republic but now they’re fine with her wandering the galaxy as she will. THE MYSTERY DEEPENS. (I need more Carth.)

Eventually though, we did get down to the actual planet and finally get to meet Bao-Dur! Bao-Dur’s one of those characters who’s never really at the forefront of my mind but who I always immediately love again any time I think about him. He and the Exile have history since he was also at Malachor V and neither of you came away unscarred. (He’s literally got a kick-ass bionic arm.) I love that he’s just such a good person (assuming you don’t manage to corrupt him.) He’s also the first person you’ve add to your crew in a while and it feels a lot more natural than in the first game. He’s also very good at knocking out shield walls which is very handy. I just really love him and can’t wait to up my influence with him so I can get more of his backstory.

What really really really makes Telos worth it though is the polar region. It starts with having to fight off three of the HK-50 models who are highly inferior copies of HK-47 (WHO NEEDS TO BE FIXED ALREADY) after they make your ship crash. (It’s not Atton’s fault!) From there, you encounter Atris who is THE WORST. She was part of the Jedi Council and has it out for you because she’s a total jerkface. Oh! And her whole Handmaiden student thing is creepy. Like… who just keeps five basically identical sisters and their hybrid half-sister around to serve them? It’s just weeeeeeird. Honestly, it’s so hard not to tell Atris to go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine but no, I’m walking the light side path this game so I have to just be mildly snarky but play nice and agree to try and track down the rest of the Jedi who are, conveniently, all members of the Jedi Council who exiled you after Malachor V.

Speaking of the handmaiden sisters, one of the things I hate about this game is how you get different party members based on your gender. It’s stupid that Brianna doesn’t stowaway on your ship regardless. I don’t have much use for Mical but they should just give you both party members.

Maybe it’s all in my head but Telos felt like a hell of a lot of game play. I’m definitely not complaining though because it’s fun and does a really good job of setting up the rest of the game without it feeling too artificial. I still haven’t decided which Jedi Master/planet I want to head off to first. It’s probably going to be Nar Shaddaa though. Because of Mira reasons.