Knights of the Old Replay: Faithful Execution through Destroyer

Back when I first started this project, I thought that I’d read through most of these comics way back in the day. Turns out I was definitely wrong because I’ve remembered absolutely nothing since they took down the crazy cabal and even some from before that. (I may have been a little bit rubbish about keeping up with and reading Star Wars comics back in my younger days.) But hey! That’s part of what makes this project fun! I’m getting to experience stuff that’s both brand new and stuff that I know like the back of my hand.

Faithful Execution
Script by John Jackson Miller, Art by Dean Zachary, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Lettering by Michael Heisler

Faithful Execution does a lot to reset the board, so to speak. Actually, I feel like it does even more to do so than Prophet Motive did and Dean Zachary’s art has a lot to do with that since it’s so visually distinctive from the other work we’ve seen in this book. It’s a relatively small-scale murder mystery story but it does a lot to reup the overall story’s intrigue. Now I really want to know more about Zayne’s vacation and what the heck is going on with Jarael.

More importantly though… someone needs to give Elbee a hug.

Dueling Ambitions
Script by John Jackson Miller, Art by Brian Ching, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Lettering by Michael Heisler

Well that’s a surprise! Did anyone figure that Jarael had spent some time as a slaver? (And yes, that’s slaver with an r at the end.) Anyone? Yeah, definitely not me. She’s honestly the most layered character that we have amongst the main cast. Everyone else is basically what they seem on the surface but Jarael? I’m growing increasingly concerned about what else we could possibly learn about her. IS SHE ALSO A SECRET PRINCESS?

Speaking of our main cast, Rohlan buddy? This obsession with protecting Jarael is borderline creepy. Actually no. It is creepy. Please chill and take a step back and evaluate your choices.

I like that this arc gives a little more insight into Zayne though. I love that he was such a fan of these dueling swoop races because it’s such a Zayne thing to do. I also love that even though he’s left the Jedi Order, he can’t quite stop being a Jedi and makes it a point to help Goethar and Aubin because it’s the right thing to do. Zayne… Zayne, darling: You are such a good egg.

Script by John Jackson Miller, Art by Ron Chan, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Lettering by Michael Heisler

Ugh. I take back what I said in the other post. Jarael is too good for these stupid boys. Malak’s feeling a little too much like, well, Malak now. Jarael is not some prize to be won or earned because you think you know what’s best. BYE SQUIGGLYPANTS AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT. Revan can’t smack you down soon enough.

SPEAKING OF OUR QUEEN AND SAVIOR, I loved getting to see the origin of her getting the mask. The Cathar story was tragic and yeah, that would probably spur me into really starting a war too. The design on Revan’s mask is just so dang good and I love it. (Side note: I really need to fix my Revan costume. For reasons.)

While I’m generally not a fan of people kissing other people without their consent, I appreciate that Zayne did so in order to help Jarael and make sure she can have the time to make the choice that she wants to make. It’s like I said one section above… what a good egg!

Also Malak sucks.

The Reaping
Script by John Jackson Miller, Art by Bong Dazo, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Lettering by Michael Heisler

Surprisingly, I don’t have much to say about this arc. It’s nice to see that Jarael is trying to do something about the slavers she used to be a part of and it’s nice to see Zayne supporting her choices. I also like that the rest of the crew learns the truth by the end because Jarael chooses to help them. Agency is so great, folks!

The most intriguing parts of this arc are probably the last few pages because holy crap Demagol woke up! Also, I’m definitely intrigued by the history between Jarael and Chantique. Tell me mooooooore. (Oh wait.   That’s probably what the next arc is for, isn’t it?)

Script by John Jackson Miller, Art by Brian Ching, Colors by Michael Atiyeh, Lettering by Michael Heisler

Hugs. EVERYONE NEEDS HUGS. By everyone, I mean Jarael and Zayne because their conversation in the rain absolutely broke my heart. Oh you precious darlings. YOU PRECIOUS DARLINGS <3

I think this may be the first time I’ve actually ever seen what a Caamasi looks like but he’s definitely not quite like how I imagined them. They were uhhh less snout-beak like in my mind. This does feel like a nice nod to Stackpole’s I, Jedi though especially once he shares his thoughts with Zayne/a Jedi.

But back to these precious cinnamon rolls… I can see both sides of the story here because yeah, Zayne’s feelings are totally valid. Jarael wasn’t entirely upfront with him about her slaver past but I also think he should recognize that Chantique was telling him everything for a purpose. I also have a lot of sympathy for Jarael here because clearly she’s not proud of her past and she wanted to move past it in any way she could. Plus, she was 13 at the time! Would any of us want our early teenage actions held against us especially if we were in such a terrible situation?

I just want everyone to be happy. Is that too much to ask? (In the galaxy far far away… probably yes.)

And that’s it for this week and holy heck we’re almost there! You can follow my progress on Twitter at @chaosbria or via the hashtag #HKExcursion. I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of the comics already!