Knights of the Old Replay: Dxun and Onderon II

When Kavar calls, the Exile comes running apparently and so we’re on our way back to Dxun so we can then go off to Onderon again. First though, we must *gasp* split the party. Unsurprisingly, the Sith are partially behind General Vaklu’s attempted coup although his own ambitions are certainly helping there. The Exile is left with a decision to make: choose a squad mate to lead some of the crew to deal with the Sith base on Dxun while she leads the attack on Vaklu’s forces on Onderon.

For some reason, I always choose Visas to lead them. I don’t know why but it just feels right. With her this time, I send Mandalore (Kreia approves) and Mira (Kreia seems unimpressed.) Oddly enough, Mira might be the best choice given her ability to walk through mines so she can sneak through there and disable the sensors. The more I think about it, the more Mira seems like one of the only choices to deal with those stupid mines. (So shut it, Kreia.) Once we’re past the sensors, it’s a matter of just cutting through the waves of Sith troops to battle our way into the heart of the base which oh so conveniently happens to be the tomb of Freedon Nadd. Visas gets to continue her light side journey by not falling prey to any of the three dark side temptations within the tomb and also kick some ass along the way. Chalk one up in the success column for Team Dxun.

Meanwhile, the Exile gets to go over to Onderon in (get this) a freaking Basilisk War Droid! THESE THINGS ARE SO COOL. I’m also mildly bitter that we don’t get to actually pilot it. Curse you, game! General Vaklu’s soldiers are just… yeah. They never stood a chance because I’m the Jedi Exile and about a zillion times stronger than anything they can throw against us. The only lame part is that the game forces you to take Kreia with you for this. At least I got to take Atton too. He’s the low key MVP in this game since he can’t really die and, if you’re smart about it, he can just keep reviving the other party members.

Eventually, you make it into the palace and find Master Kavar who snarkily informs you that he’s not Talia’s bodyguard (uh-huh) and he’s been busy fighting (well yeah) but you need to fight your way to her. (Listen, Kavar: we all know you’ve broken the Code and are been having a fling with the Queen. It’s cool. She’s pretty awesome. No judgment here as long as you fess up.) Not at all sadly for Vaklu, his coup doesn’t last much longer as you help the Royalists beat him and his soldiers. He begs for mercy and the Exile can just shrug and go, “Listen you’re not my problem. You’re Talia’s problem and she’s not happy because you tried to kill her for her crown.” and then keep standing there as she orders his rightful execution. He deserves it and it’s pleasantly surprising that the game doesn’t punish you with dark side points for standing by and letting the Queen handle justice within her domain.

Kavar finally has time for a chat and here come all the little hints about the past the two of you have. I’m convinced that Kavar and the Exile had more of a relationship (not necessarily romantic) than the game flat out admits to. He says he considered taking her as a padawan but didn’t because of demands on his time. It seems likely that he remained on good terms with her including training with her when he had time and I think they were friends. Yet another reason why I want a Netflix KOTOR show about the Mandalorian wars.

And now… we’ve found all the remaining Jedi Masters and have to go to Dantooine where I’m sure absolutely nothing bad will happen at all. Nope. Not at all.