Knights of the Old Replay: Battle of Telos


First things first though. HK-47 is sadistic as heck and tortures one of the HK-50 droids to learn the location of the droid factory on Telos. He’ll be dealing with it sooner or later. (Apparently not sooner because the game makes you wait for it a little.)

It’s back to Dantooine and the Jedi Enclave which looks considerably nicer than it did the last time you visited and Masters Vrook, Kavar, and Zez-Kai Ell are all waiting for you. The more you talk to them, the more messed up everything gets especially as it intercuts with Kreia’s own commentary from a courtyard slightly further away. Turns out that the Jedi Council didn’t cut you off from the Force and that you did that yourself as a sort of survival/coping mechanism after everything that happened at Malachor because the screams of everyone dying were just too much to handle. While you always did form bonds with others and inspire them to follow you rather easily, the Masters are convinced that you’re actually just some sort of black hole in the Force now and feed off of other Force Sensitives and grow stronger the more people you kill and the more you convince to follow you. It’s really messed up.

It’s doubly messed up that the Masters have decided to actually cut you off from the Force now because it’s what the three of them have decided is best. I blame Vrook here who is a total jerk and Kavar really should be trying to help you out instead of going along with things. But nooooooo. He’s just standing there and helping and in comes Kreia to save the day! Sort of? Honestly, everyone in this game sucks and the only people you can really count on are some of your crew. Just some of them. And yourself. Admittedly Kreia does save you but she also does something to the Jedi Masters that’s worse than death and then basically lets Atris’s handmaidens come take her back to Telos. This is all totally fine and nothing bad could possibly happen.

Surprisingly, the confrontation with Atris is kind of underwhelming. She’s not hard to beat at all. I actually had to double check that the game was still on hard. She talks to me about how all these Sith holocrons totally messed with her brain or something and honestly, I was tired when I was playing this part and I kinda hate her so I didn’t pay that much attention. Because Exile is a light sider, she got to live another miserable day. Also this entire section would have been better if you got Briana as a part of your party regardless of gender.

But hey! That means it’s time for the HK-50 Droid Factory! You’re rather unceremoniously dropped into the factory as HK-47. I’m assuming that’s because this was cut content. Interestingly enough, some speculation based on the files suggests that Bao-Dur was supposed to die helping HK-47 get to the droid factory which would explain why you only see him in holograms after that point. (I’m telling myself that he didn’t die.) The key to the factory is that HK-47 and the HK-50s can’t actually harm each other thanks to their self-preservation programing so the 50s send other droids after HK-47 until he figures out a way to get around the programing and take them out. The real fun part was actually a total surprise to me. Production was suspended on a new HK-51 line and HK-47 can not only upload his own brainwaves to the new line and they can be disciples to his Droid Jesus. All hail the Meatbag Slayer! Down with the HK-50s!

From there, we’re abruptly tossed right back to the Exile who’s on the Citadel Station which is now a war zone. Shocker. Who would have ever guessed that the Exile could find trouble? It’s worth noting that this is the last time you get to pick your party members in the entire game. I went with Atton and Mira because they are my darlings and really this shouldn’t surprise anyone. There’s not a lot going on here though… just violence. HK-47 would have loved it. It’s all about fighting your way to a shuttle that can take you and some Mandalorians to the Ravager.

And then Canderous gets to burst aboard the Ravager through a wall instead of the door two feet over and come out of the flames like a big damn hero. Could he be any more extra? Probably not. Is it still awesome? Yep. Granted, that’s the extent of the Mandalorians’ usefulness as they do nothing else to help out and let you, Mandalore, and Visas run around the ruins of the Ravager killing Sith and setting bombs to blow it up. This is definitely Visas’s big moment as she confronts first her cell and meditation room where her master kept her and then stands beside the Exile when they confront Nihilus. (Mandalore just chills in the back and keeps shooting at him to help out.) I love how even at this point, you can affirm Visas’s status as her own person and an equal amongst your crew and friends or you can break her down like Nihilus did. It’s a really cool moment of affirmation followed up by another moment between Visas and Canderous where she gets him to keep on going and he tells her about when Revan left him behind. It’s the cut content here that really makes me want to read (or watch) more about these two after the events of Malachor V.

The biggest disappointment is that we don’t get to see Darth Nihilus’s face after he dies. It’d be neat to see what’s behind all of the robes and the mask or if there’s simply nothing at all. What could possibly be left of someone who feeds on the energy of Force users like that?

Plus side? Admiral Carth Onasi finally makes an appearance in person to tell you about Revan and how she left him behind and asked him to take care of the Republic and ARGH I DID NOT ASK FOR THESE REVAN/CARTH FEELINGS MAKE THEM STOP. I swear, this game keeps making me feel like I’m 15 again.

One Sith Lord down, two to go.


One thought on “Knights of the Old Replay: Battle of Telos

  1. It really blew kid me's mind when I first went to meet the masters. To have them say that I must be evil because I grow powerful through killing was just too meta for me to handle.

    Also I like to think that there was nothing behind Nihilus' mask. That he was a phantasm of the Force (how that was never an EU title I'll never know), rather than flesh and blood. It would have made some nice poetic symmetry to... The other one, haha. It should be noted that at the time I was very into Bedknobs and Broomsticks and those possessed knights in armour dying reminded me of Nihilus' death.

    TLDR: You missed absolutely nothing. I do waffle on a bit; my apologies.

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