Kinberg: First season of Rebels will be 16 episodes

How about an actual bit of news for your Friday afternoon? Rebels producer Simon Kinberg sat down with Collider today to talk about the new show. One of the first questions posed was whether or not Rebels would have the traditional 13-episode introductory run or something more.

KINBERG: It’s 16 episodes.  And so I wrote the season finale.  And then as the executive producer, I will read all the scripts.  I will sometimes run a pen through them and rewrite stuff in the scripts that lots of other really talented writers have worked on.  I will watch cuts of the show, I will give notes on whatever I think about performance or score or animation, but they have such an amazing team of people, many of whom are Clone Wars alums like Dave Filoni, who’s as much of a creative voice on the show as anybody.  So they put a great team together.  They really know what they’re doing.  And I will come in, and look at stuff, and give input, and occasionally write episodes.  So the first season I’m responsible for writing three episodes—the first two and the last one.

Additionally, Rebels will be featuring characters from the original films. Which ones? Well, apparently Lando is one of them. So, who’s getting excited?


4 thoughts on “Kinberg: First season of Rebels will be 16 episodes

  1. Wow, 16 episodes is a LOT of Star Wars... I'm actually more excited about this in a way than Ep VII. That movie, however important, will be, what, like 90 minutes of Star Wars? Rebels will be, what, like *720* minutes of Star Wars in season 1 alone? To EU fans like us who marinate in that universe, I find that more interesting and see the movies' role as being that of bigger, louder tone setters...

    I'm going to have to work myself up for this piece of the timeline, though. The rise of the Empire should be really interesting in theory, but everything touching it thus far (*cough* Coruscant Nights *cough*) has fallen flat (but I haven't checked out the comics in this period yet).

    @M.R. Bowers: Very glad to see new episodes of WOAM show up in my podcast queue!! Definitely a fan...

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