Kevin Smith Confirmed for Celebration VI

Add another guest to the growing list of CVI attendees. The Orlando Sentinal reports that director and Star Wars fan Kevin Smith will be present and will be holding his own panel on the first night of the convention.

Director-actor-podcaster Kevin Smith has never worked on an official “Star Wars” project, but he’s enthusiastically talked about the films enough to be added to the upcoming Star Wars Celebration at the Orange County Convention Center.

“An Evening with Kevin Smith,” a question-and-answer session on Aug. 23, will be his contribution to Celebration, a four-day fan gathering that also will feature Carrie Fisher,Anthony DanielsPeter MayhewSeth Green and other luminaries.

“I took my fandom of ‘Star Wars’ and kind of made it one of the cornerstones of what I do,” Smith said Thursday. Mentions of the films were worked into “Clerks” and “Mallrats,” two early Smith films.

You will need to purchase a separate ticket for the Q&A session, which will be held at 8PM.