Hondo Caravan: Welcome To Mandalore?

We’ve got a post a day early for you thanks to the holiday this week and… uhhh… Look, we finally arrived at the first of the Mandalorian episodes.  If you’ve seen the show before, need I say more?  Or actually the same applies if you paid even a little bit of attention to the fandom when these aired.  If neither of these applies to you somehow then…. well, just keep reading.

Lightsaber Lost
If you didn’t immediately start doing your best Obi-Wan “This lightsaber is your life!” Kenobi impression when someone stole Ahsoka’s, I’m pretty sure you were doing it wrong.

Ahsoka is really not good at subtle nor at undercover work.  In all fairness, I do sometimes forget how young she is but on the other hand, she does continue to worry me every time we see her act far too rashly and in anger.  I blame Anakin and knowing what he becomes for all my worry in regards to her.

The storyline of the patient old Master who moves much slower than everyone else and who able to teach the impatient young one something new is a clichéd one but it works for Ahsoka.  It’s a filler episode to be sure but that doesn’t make it bad.  I love that the old master’s cane is his lightsaber.  I’m surprised that Yoda didn’t do that too.  Maybe that’ll be the next retcon.

The Mandalore Plot
I have to admit, folks: I was a little worried about reaching the Mandalore episodes.  I’ve heard… things and the things make me nervous because, well, look I’ll just point you towards my post on the Republic Commando books.  I’m already shifting very uncomfortably at the idea of Mandalorians being a peace loving people.  It just doesn’t sit right.  This would make more sense if this was just a small sect of Mandalore that was pacifist.  This version of Mandalore just does not compute.  At all.

On the other hand, if Obi-Wan and Duchess Satine were flirting any harder, they’d be making out by now.

Okay.  I can move past this Mandalorian difference.  I can do it.  I’m trying very very very hard right now.

Obi-Wan seems to get captured a lot.  This episode feels like an upgrade though since they decided to suspend him upside down this time.    Despite all my aforementioned problems I can’t help already liking Satine.  Her double conversation over the comlink amused me to no end.  Add in all of her banter with Obi-Wan as she rescues him and I’m basically in love.

Voyage of Temptation
Wait, I get it now.  This is a sort of flip on Attack of the Clones.  Obi-Wan and Satine are going to quarrel even though he’s trying to protect her and unsubtly hide their love while Anakin stands to the side and nods knowingly.  AM I RIGHT?

I love Anakin and Artoo in this episode.  Artoo pulling his little prank on the clone and then Anakin making his “I’m missing dinner” quip were amusing to say the least.

Obi-Wan, did no one ever tell you that interrupting dinner to figure out who a traitor is with a spider-droid is just rude?  You always wait until AFTER the dessert course.

“Go find your girlfriend!”  “She’s not my girlfriend!”  Stop lying to yourself, Obi-Wan.  Honestly, the ship just sits there was text let alone subtext.  And then a few minutes later, they’re basically confessing love for each other.  I’m not usually that much of a hardcore shipper but sometimes there are pairings where all I want to do is yell ‘NOW KISS’ at them until they do.

This episode also has the distinction of being one of the few times when I fully approve of Anakin’s violent actions.  If a guy is going to blow up the ship and there’s no way around it then yeah, a lightsaber to the heart is pretty appropriate.

Duchess of Mandalore
Oh my god.  Satine really is another Padmé.  Now she’s come to the Senate to address them and to try and convince them to see things her way.  That said, I adore that we got to see at least some interaction between Satine and Padmé because I mostly just really want to see them go become friends and then tag team with Bail Organa to take over the Senate and overthrow Palpatine.  Mon Mothma can come too.

I’m incredibly impressed with how capable Satine is especially when it comes to “fights” and she’s so pacifist.  Sure she has her droid deactivator but she’s very resourceful and knows how to get a job done and protect herself and help her allies.  Point is, I like her even though I’m still not thrilled about this new version of Mandalore.  Can she stay?

Senate Murders
There had to be a point where Palpatine just threw his hands up in the air and muttered some bad words over not successfully having Padmé killed years ago.  She’s always the one at the head of the charge and putting a wrench in his plans.

Senator Burtoni from Kamino is basically Yzma in design, right?  That’s an expy if I ever saw one.

I love a good political episode and this one delivers in spades.  Add in the murder intrigue and Padmé and Bail running around trying to solve the whodunit and I’m even happier.  That said, Captain Typho and her handmaidens must be having a collective fit over her refusal to let them go along to protect her.  There’s not much else to say on this episode though.

Cat and Mouse
The spider-alien leader from the Separatists?  Yeah, he looks disgusting.  It’s all the eyes.  And all the arms.  And the mouth.  Ew.  Okay, sure he might be a brilliant tactician and general but that doesn’t stop his species design from wigging me out.

The show creators made up for it though with their oh so clever “Help us, General Kenobi. You’re our only hope!” hologram from Bail Organa.  I know that praise sounds sarcastic but really I’m just giggling gleefully about the whole thing.  Organa parallels are the best sorts of parallels.

The nice thing about this episode is that it finally really brings us back to Anakin Skywalker.  Any time an episode lacks an exasperated Obi-Wan because of Anakin’s ridiculous antics that somehow work is an episode that could be just that much better.  I can’t believe I’m writing this but there just really feels like there’s something missing from the show when we go too long without the Anakin and Obi-Wan dynamic.  I’m not looking forward to eventually rewatching Revenge of the Sith again after watching the entire series because I have a feeling that it’s just going to make everything hurt just that much more.

And that’s it for this week!  Tune in again next week (likely on Monday again) when we’ll wrap up Season Two.  It’s amazing how much faster this seems to be moving than the Waru Express.  As always, you can follow my progress in quasi-real time on Twitter @chaosbria or the hashtag #HondoCaravan.  Until next time!


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