The Hondo Caravan: Bria’s Watching The Clone Wars

One year ago today, I made a very poor life decision: I decided to reread the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  That train wreck (did you see what I did there?) resulted in what has become known as the Waru Express.  It was a 7 month journey through 130 books with my commentary that ranged from squeeing to flailing to ambivalence to headbashing to gross sobbing.  It seemed to amuse and entertain a good number of people.

Good news, folks!  I’m doing it again.  No, don’t give me that look.  I’m not rereading all the Expended Universe books again.  Instead, I’ll be watching The Clone Wars from start to finish.  So don’t be shy: come aboard the Hondo Caravan!

There are going to be a few differences between the Waru Express and the Hondo Caravan.  The Hondo will have a much steadier pace because my fast reading speed is of no use here and I cannot watch an episode any faster than anyone else.  I’m also coming into the show relatively blind.  I watched the film and saw some of the first season episodes a few years ago but that’s it.  There are some things (such as the finale) where I just couldn’t avoid spoilers but for the most part, I really don’t know much of anything.  (So sorry, Waru groupies: there will no be encore to the Crystal Star event this time.)  If Season Six becomes available in a timely fashion, I’ll definitely add those episodes to my watch through.

A few things will stay the same.  I’ll be watching about 6 episodes or however many episodes are on a disc and then posting my thoughts and commentary on them.  I’ll be posting about once a week, give or take a bit depending on my schedule.  You’ll also be able to follow my progress in relative real time again on Twitter @chaosbria or the hashtag #HondoCaravan.

So sit back and enjoy my latest trip into madness and enjoy your stay aboard the Hondo Caravan!

Check out the master list of episodes/future review links after the jump!

Season 1
The Clone Wars film
Rising Malevolence
Shadow of Malevolence
Destroy Malevolence
Post #1

Downfall of a Droid
Duel of the Droids
Bombad Jedi
Cloak of Darkness
Lair of Grievous
Post #2

Dooku Captured
The Gungan General
Jedi Crash
Defenders of Peace
The Hidden Enemy
Post #3

Blue Shadow Virus
Mystery of a Thousand Moons
Storm over Ryloth
Innocents of Ryloth
Liberty on Ryloth
Hostage Crisis
Post #4

Season 2
Holocron Heist
Cargo of Doom
Children of the Force
Senate Spy
Post #5

Landing at Point Rain
Weapons Factory
Legacy of Terror
Brain Invaders
Grievous Intrigue
The Deserter
Post #6

Lightsaber Lost
The Mandalore Plot
Voyage of Temptation
Duchess of Mandalore
Senate Murders
Cat and Mouse
Post #7

Bounty Hunters
The Zillo Beast
The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
Death Trap
R2 Come Home
Lethal Trackdown
Post #8

Season 3
Clone Cadets
ARC Troopers
Supply Lines
Sphere of Influence
The Academy
Post #9

Evil Plans
Hunt of Ziro
Heroes on Both Sides
Pursuit of Peace
Post #10

Witches of the Mist
Altar of Mortis
Ghosts of Mortis
Post #11

The Citadel
Citadel Rescue
Padawan Lost
Wookiee Hunt
Post #12

Season 4
Water War
Gungan Attack
Shadow Warrior
Mercy Mission
Nomad Droids
Post #13

Darkness on Umbara
The General
Plan of Dissent
Carnage of Krell
Post #14

Slaves of the Republic
Escape from Kadavo
A Friend in Need
Friends and Enemies
Post #15

The Box
Crisis on Naboo
Post #16

Season 5
A War on Two Fronts
Front Runners
The Soft War
Tipping Points
The Gathering
A Test of Strength
Bound for Rescue
Post #17

A Necessary Bond
Secret Weapons
A Sunny Day in the Void
Missing in Action
Point of No Return
Post #18

Shades of Reason
The Lawless
The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
To Catch a Jedi
The Wrong Jedi
Post #19

Season 6

The Unknown
Post #20

An Old Friend
The Rise of Clovis
Crisis at the Heart
The Disappeared
The Disappeared Part II
Post #21

The Lost One
Post #22


9 thoughts on “The Hondo Caravan: Bria’s Watching The Clone Wars

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  2. I also think you should follow the official chronological order--as described by Leeland Chee's posts on the official Star Wars Blog and completed in Jason Fry's Clone Wars Episode Guide published by DK this year. I'm doing the same thing right now and it is a much more rewarding experience--it especially helps with the first three seasons.

      • Maybe because it makes more sense to watch complete storylines together for better character development and for the telling of the overall Clone Wars tale rather than jumping around piecemeal like the first few seasons did. I mean there's a reason why they stopped doing it in the middle of season 3 and then stuck mostly to a continuous sequence going forward. The plan changed over time. It happens. But why not take advantage of what we know now about the entire series as a whole and enjoy the stories in the best possible way? And if we're worried about spoilers, there are more spoilers by watching the broadcast order than there are in the storyline order since many of the later produced fill-in episodes take place prior to the earlier episodes--prequels, if you'll pardon the reference.

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