Hondo Caravan: Ziro’s Last Hurrah

Bounty Hunters, Ziro, and Bad Decisions!  (Oh my!)  As we reach the halfway mark, it’s a handful of episodes filled with both Ziro the Hutt and a fair amount of politics.  Make of that what you will.

I sincerely appreciate how at the start of this episode, they animated Obi-Wan stroking his beard.  No insinuation, no joke there.  I just really appreciated the attention to an actor’s mannerisms.

Once again, we’re starting off the episode with Anakin and Ahsoka being separated from one another.  Honestly, when does he ever get to teach her anything?  On the other hand, at least we’re getting to see more of Padmé and Ahsoka together being friends.  They’re evolving towards such a wonderfully sister-like relationship and it makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy?  Seeing Alderaan for the first time and hearing Leia’s theme as the musical cue in the background.  No wait, did I say happy?  I think I misspelled ‘emotionally destroyed.’

I’m not surprised that Aurra Sing is back though.  After all, this is the Greatest Hits of the Clone Wars.  What’s next?  Another Ziro episode?  For all my ribbing though, I did enjoy the episode.  It’s nice to see Ahsoka work her way through figuring out her visions and then figuring out how to act on them.  Padmé, on the other hand, must be 300% done with all the attempts on her life.

Okay, I need to clarify that I made that Ziro quip before Ahsoka had her vision at the end of the episode.  Honestly.

Evil Plans
This is possibly the least imaginative episode title ever.  Also, I thought we were finally done with the bounty hunters for a little bit.  Isn’t this supposed to be a war against the Separatists?

So many ridiculous things happen in this episode that I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s start with how we finally get to see a new outfit for Padmé and it involves what looks like a spiked headband with the Naboo Crest as the spikes.  (A part of me kind of loves it.)

To top it off, Padmé is organizing a state dinner to honor a fellow Senator and Anakin is helping her which is really quite adorable.  The droids are also being pressed into service which is where some more of the ridiculous things happen.  At one point, Artoo ends up in a droid spa while Threepio is tortured for information.  I’m really not sure what use torturing a droid with pain is but Cad Bane seems to think it’s a good idea so I guess we’ll just go with it?  I suppose it’s not actual pain but rather something that looks like it but still.

I’m wondering what excuse they used to explain Anakin’s presence at the actual party.  If he just hangs out at Padmé’s apartment all the time, it’s a wonder than anyone didn’t know they were together.  You guys are the worst at secret relationships.  The worst.

Hunt for Ziro

For those confused as to what’s going on, apparently the previous episode took place before last episode of Season 1 and this episode is taking place directly after it.

But hey!  We’re getting Quinlan Vos for the first time and this guy is cool.  Way cooler than the Vegas show that’s happening on Nal Hutta for the ruling Hutt families.  Seriously?  They’re going to bring in Sy Snootles for her to flirt with Ziro but not Garm Bel Iblis for some excellent political scheming?  No wait, we’ve gone so far past flirting.  This is super uncomfortable.

I’m sorry.  There have probably been a lot of cool things happening in the minutes I’ve been trying to recover from the lovey-doveyness.

There’s something just… very normal about the Hutts and their family relations in both this show and in the books.  Well, normal as in far as in they seem to be very complicated.  Of course Ziro goes and asks his mother for help getting off planet.  Of course.

Quinlan Vos is my new favorite and I feel the need to now watch and/or read everything with him in it.  That guy is just cool.  Alternatively, I’d like to see him and Obi-Wan work together more often because I really appreciate watching him have to deal with Jedi who are far more impetuous than he is.  It’s like Quinlan Vos is who Anakin Skywalker wishes he could be.

But hey!  On the other hand, Ziro is now dead!  Betrayed by his lover.  I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.  This would also probably be a good time for me to voice my appreciation for the talents of Corey Burton who voiced both Ziro and Cad Bane.  Voice actors, man.  How do they do it?

Heroes on Both Sides
You would think that Anakin would know that he excels at putting his foot in his mouth and that he shouldn’t try and outtalk the two women in his life.  Don’t tell your wife to teach your padawan about politics if you didn’t want it to happen at all.  Really, it just stands to reason that they’d end up on their own secret mission to help end the war.  Sadly, however, Padmé has yet to master how disguises work and Ahsoka hasn’t learned either.  But hey!  At least Ahsoka got a new outfit with a top that’s not just a bandeau bra.

It’s really nice to see them not only introduce us to some Onderonians but also to another face of the Separatist cause.  Clearly the episode title is coming into play here.  If we’re honest: the Separatist movement’s cause wasn’t completely off base.  They had a few points even if they were being cast as the villains.

I would like to bring up that I find the core issue of this episode to be a bit flawed.  The Republic is broke and so the Senate is voting on whether or not they should borrow money for… more clones?  That makes no sense to me.  By the time Kamino grows more clones, the war will likely have long been over since they only grow at twice the normal rate.  I’m also assuming that the show is rejecting the notion of Spaarti clones from the Thrawn books.

There is also something incredibly disconcerting about the power to a large portion of Coruscant being knocked out.  It’s almost as disconcerting as a Senate voting to deregulate the banks.  And they say this is a kids’ show.

Pursuit of Peace
Oh look.  The Banking Clan is hiking their loan rates after the banks were deregulated.  Gee, who could have foreseen that?

There’s certainly something to be said for media serving as an allegory for real life situations.

I’d also like to know what deal with a crossroads demon Padmé had to make in order for her hair to defy gravity like it does.

I appreciate it when an episode can surprise me.  It’s fun seeing Padmé evade the bounty hunters via a speeder chase through the city and then get arrested.   It’s also nice to hear someone bring up that none of the Senators have really talked to their constituents lately and then to see Padmé turn around and do so to really understand what the people of the Republic are going through.  (Of course, it helped that those facts worked in her favor.)

It would’ve been nice to hear Bail’s speech though.  We get told more often than we’re shown that he’s a good politician.   On that same note, I’d also like to see more of Mon Mothma in action because we see even less of her.

The final scene with Palpatine just screamed evil though.  Just in case someone wasn’t aware of precisely how evil he was (the angular animation of his face should’ve given that away), they’re probably aware now.

Whoa!  With that, I am officially halfway through the series!  This is going much faster than the Waru Express did.  As always, you can follow my occasionally ridiculous commentary in real time on Twitter @chaosbria or the hashtag #HondoCaravan.  Tune in next week when I’ll officially be past the halfway mark.


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