Hondo Caravan: Time For A Thrilling Prison Break

The good news is that I’ve recovered from that bad taste Mortis left in my mouth.  The bad news is that I am somehow already at the end of Season Three.  How on earth did that already happen?  Well, I guess that’s only really bad news depending on your point of view and whether you wanted these posts to go on forever or not.

The Citadel
Is this the episode that made the internet scream about continuity and Even Piell?  I feel like it’s going to be judging from the previous clip.  No really.  I’m kinda excited to see this happen.  It’s much more fun to observe these things when I’m not invested in the outcome.

Anakin Skywalker.  You have a lot of bad ideas but this one probably takes the cake.  Carbon freezing your team so you can sneak into the Citadel without any life signs being detected is a TERRIBLE idea.  (And yes, all the tongue-in-cheek references to Empire Strikes Back were amusing but that’s really not the point here.)  This is going to go badly.  It must go badly.  If this idea works, I’m going to be really disappointed.

It didn’t go badly.  They didn’t even get hibernation sickness.  This is not fair.

At least he’s getting his comeuppance with Ahsoka sneaking onto the mission.  At least.  You’d think he would’ve learned that ‘do as I say, not as I do’ doesn’t work very well but nooooo.

I definitely need to give this episode applause for surprising me in a way that I absolutely did not expect.  It turns out that Tarkin is the Captain in question here.  I didn’t expect him to show up here.  Well done, show, well done.

And now the group is splitting up to try and make it out of the Citadel which OBVIOUSLY means that we’re about to end an episode.  I’ll admit it: I’m intrigued to see what happens in the next one.  Good thing I don’t even have to wait.

“Anything that can go wrong will.”  That’s really the best way to sum up Anakin’s life.

HOLY CRAP DID THIS EPISODE REALLY JUST OPEN WITH A CLONE TROOPER GETTING CUT IN HALF?  Someone please remind me that this is a kids’ show because I’m in a state of disbelief over that right now.

Wow, okay.  Anyways.  I should’ve mentioned this last episode but I’m really quite pleased that we’ve seen so many episodes in a row now where Anakin and Ahsoka are working together.  Granted, she wasn’t supposed to be on the mission but at least we’re getting more episodes of them together as Master and Padawan than we have in a while.

Tarkin’s levels of sass are off the chart.  Too bad he’s going to turn out to be an evil jerk.

I wish that I could say that their failure to escape the planet surprised me but it honestly just doesn’t.  They really should have thought this through better.  Maybe then, they wouldn’t be stuck roaming such a harsh planet.

Citadel Rescue
Somehow, I’d managed to forget that Piell was carrying important information.  Oops.  Also, does no one else see how ironic it is that the rescue party needs to be rescued?  Or at the very least, can we be surprised by the relative ease with which they’re able to contact the Jedi Council?

My favorite part of these episodes just might be Artoo Detoo: Droid Commander.  It makes me think of Tonin.  Artoo should’ve gone for an upgrade.  King of the Droids sounds way cooler.

Oh look.  Piell is dead.  CONTINUITY IS SCREWED.  THE MINISTRY HAS FALLEN.  ABANDON SHIIIIIIIIIIIP.  I’m sorry.  This is probably really a moving moment.  Actually, his quick funeral is rather touching.  I just find it hilarious that the death of such a very minor character caused so many people to panic.

These were some seriously fun episodes!  I’m glad that I was to watch them in one sitting more or less.  They do, however, bring up a few ponderings from me.  The first is whether or not Tarkin knew Vader’s identity.  (That one I could probably check on the Wook but pondering is more fun.)  The second is me wondering how things might have turned out if Ahsoka had been Plo Koon’s apprentice instead.  My initial reaction is that it would have been a lot healthier for everyone involved.  Of course, the other ramification is that she likely wouldn’t have built the relationships that she did as Anakin’s padawan.  Regardless, it’s interesting to consider.

..is there fanfic for this?  There must be fanfic.  Excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment…

Padawan Lost
Well this episode is not off to a good start.  Ahsoka’s been captured by Trandoshan pirates who want hunt her for sport.  This is bound to go well.

It’s interesting that the other Jedi Younglings who were on that island appear to be about Ahsoka’s age and yet they don’t recognize each other.  I was under the impression that the Jedi Temple wasn’t all that large.

There’s not that much to say about this episode as much of it does feel fairly expected.  Of course Ahsoka will end up being the one who gives everyone the kick they need to try and fight back and of course their leader dies.  On the other hand, I am surprised that Anakin didn’t insist on tearing the galaxy apart to find his padawan before going back to the Temple.  I get what Master Plo is saying in regards to how determined Ahsoka is but at the same time, she could probably use a little help here.

Wookiee Hunt

Of course the wookiee survivor is Chewbacca.  OF COURSE IT IS.

Millions, if not billions of wookiees in the galaxy and of course the one who’s captured is Chewie.  Don’t get me wrong: a wookiee being captured for this sort of thing makes sense.  These are Trandoshan hunters after all.  I get why the creators picked Chewbacca but it doesn’t stop me from rolling my eyes a little.

That said, these are enjoyable episodes.  Perhaps not quite as the previous Citadel ones but any time we get to see Ahsoka handle things is a good one.  Plus, there is always the added bonus of getting to watch wookiees rip the arms off those darned lizards.  The cameo of the bounty hunter from that farm episode last season was a nice little nod of continuity.

Yoda’s little smirk at the end after Ahsoka and Anakin had their moment was a nice finishing touch even if I am pretty sure that they should’ve hugged it out at the end.

And that’s it for Season 3!  It feels like these seasons just keep getting shorter.  Check back next week when I start Season 4!  As always, you can see my real time tweets on Twitter @chaosbria or follow the hashtag #HondoCaravan.  Until next time!


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