Hondo Caravan: Ziro Strikes Back

Aaaand we’re wrapping up Season 1 today with 6 action packed episodes!  It’s amazing how fast episodes go compared to books.

Blue Shadow Virus
Get in losers, we’re going to Naboo!  I’ll just be over here doing my happy dance over a) more Padmé, b) more Naboo, and c) Captain Typho!  I feel like a broken droid at this point because ughhhh Jar Jar Binks and his stupid antics are irritating.

I always love getting to see more of the Naboo but I am a little confused as to why they chose to create a new Queen just for the show.  It’s puzzling to me why they didn’t use either Jamilla or Apailana especially since I thought terms were for four years.

This episode had a good story line with the race to stop Evil Doctor Dude from releasing a terrible virus upon the planet (and therefore the galaxy).  I think we’ve established by now that all I really need in an episode is Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padmé, and Ahsoka and then either a planet that I love or the addition of the Jedi that I love.  It’s like you know me, Clone Wars.  Well, except for that Jar Jar thing.

Mystery of a Thousand Moons
I was all prepared to say how I like that this episode follows the previous one without feeling like a blatant two parter but then I had to take that back as that strange little bunny droid released the virus.  The clones probably should have kept their helmets on though.  I feel like that’s Horrible Virus Knowledge 101.

I adore how the cure is on Iego.  There’s something lovely and poetic about how Anakin asked if Padmé was an angel from the moons of Iego when he first met her and how now the cure that could save his padawan, his men, and her planet is there.  Clearly though, Anakin had never seen pictures of these “angels” before he met her.  On the other hand, the kid on this planet is a bit annoying even if he is clearly smart with droids.  Yes, I recognize the poetic irony of this too.

The friendship between Padmé and Ahsoka is absolutely wonderful though and I sincerely hope we get to see tons more of it.

Storm Over Ryloth (DC)
Dear Trade Federation Neimoidians: Please, for your own sake, stop saying that your blockades are impenetrable.  THAT NEVER GOES WELL FOR YOU.  I’ve seen maybe two minutes of the episode as I write this and I already know it’s going to fail.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ahsoka as a squadron leader.  I’m of the belief that piloting is something that the Force can help you with but you need to have a native talent for it to start if it’s really going to do much good.  It would’ve made a lot more sense for the clone squadron to fly as their usual unit.  Everyone loses pilots in combat but her inexperience here did not help whatsoever.  I suppose I’m being hard on her (although she’s clearly being even harder on herself) but this Force/piloting thing is just a hot button issue for me in all of Star Wars.

Her and Anakin’s plan does work rather nicely at the end of the day.  Actually, the more I think about it, the more I enjoyed this episode because it was a learning experience for Ahsoka and learning experiences often lead to character development which is basically the best.

Innocents of Ryloth (DC)
If you followed the Waru Express, you know how much I love Mace Windu so it will come as no surprise that I am ridiculously excited for an episode that stars a combination of Mace and Obi-Wan against everyone.  Okay, so it turns out that this episode isn’t actually focused on them but the excitement was there to start!  Maybe next time?

I love how clones’ first interaction with the little Twi’lek girl is basically Leia’s meeting with Wicket in Return of the Jedi.  “Here small adorable alien… have some food!  And I’ll take off my helmet too!”  Mostly?  I can’t get over how adorable she is AND I JUST WANT TO HUG HER WHEN SHE CRIES.

I can’t get over the image of Obi-Wan defeating those droids while carrying the little twi’lek girl.  He absolutely has it all under control and now I’m just getting mental images of him being a warrior dad.  I was feeling mostly ambivalent about this episode but after that and after getting to see more of the clones on an individual basis, I’m putting it firmly in my ‘I liked this’ pile although I probably could’ve done without them making the twi’leks seem quite so primitive when they attack the tank.

Liberty on Ryloth (DC)

Except wait just a minute.  Did this show take ‘shatterpoints’ literally?  IT’S A METAPHOR, NOT A PHYSICAL POWER.  I think this calls for my first reaction gif of the project:

I’ll give them some points back though because watching Mace drive/ride that AT-ST like thing into battle was pretty darn cool.  Not as cool as the actual shatterpoint skill though.  I’m just saying.

This episode features a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Mace too.  He just casually gets off a deactivated bridge in the most badass way possible while also making sure the two clones with him survive to.  It’s a minute of muted sounds as he just flips through the air in a way that only Master Badass can.

Hostage Crisis
Are you guys ready for a slightly embarrassing confession?  I routinely confused Hondo and Cad Bane.  To this day, I still have to think about it for a second when I see a picture of one of them.  (Forgive me, Hondo!)  This is just a guess but judging by this season, I’m going to guess that this show really likes its bounty hunters.

Damnit, Anakin.  You were doing so well with being flirty and charming with your secret interactions with Padmé and then this episode happened.  Let your charming wife go be awesome and do her political things and stop trying to get her to sleep with you for two weeks straight.

Surprise Bail Organa makes it aaaaaall better though.  More or less.  Because then Bane’s ransom for the Senator was Ziro the Hutt.  I didn’t believe you all when you said that weird Hutt would be back but I should have.

“Aren’t you too young and pretty to be a Senator?”  In my mind, Padmé was all prepared to reply with some smart remark about how she used to be a Queen.  Bane is clearly an idiot.  Young and pretty are not mutually exclusive from politics.  Thanks to this episode, I think it’s my fondest dream to see her kick butt with a lightsaber in hand one day.  It’s okay, I know it’s a pipe dream.  I’ll some how survive.

However, this would be a good time to note that I’m glad I don’t have to wait between seasons because that was a very abrupt season finale.  The bonus of waiting until it’s all on DVD!

Whew!  And that wraps up Season 1!  Next week, we’re on to Season 2!  Who knows what it might bring? (Probably a lot of your guys reading this.)  As always, you can keep an eye on my not at all steady progress in real time on Twitter @chaosbria or follow the hashtag #HondoCaravan.  Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Hondo Caravan: Ziro Strikes Back

  1. Things like the invention of a new queen and angels that don't look anything like Padme began to annoy me as they piled up in the first season.Taking shatterpoints literally made me facepalm so hard. I didn't think about the poetry of Iego, though.

    The Ryloth arc is one of my favorites - there's a great little comic which was originally on StarWars.com and now is I think available only in trade, but it gives some epic backstory to the Twi'lek rebel leader.

    I've been looking forward to more Hondo Caravan a lot this week! These are a lot of fun.

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