Holonet Blast #37

More news in the lead up to The Last Jedi? YOU DON”T SAY.

Let’s start with something that isn’t news but will make your life better: Kelly Marie Tran and Veronica Ngo promoted The Last Jedi in traditional Vietnamese attire and her Instagram post about it made me want to cry happy tears a little because REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

Entertainment Weekly kept having more fun with their Secrets of The Last Jedi pieces including this one on Kylo’s TIE fighter. EW also has a nice recap of the press conference from over the weekend. Hold on to your butts, folks, because it’s going to be nothing but nonstop press from here on out. Breath… just breath…

Google Home now has a Star Wars Trivia contest which is actually hosted by Andi and Anthony from the Star Wars Show. Also that linked video includes the cutest interview with Kelly Marie Tran ever and are you sensing a pattern here yet?

Finally, the Star Wars Databank added in entries related to Battlefront II and Inferno Squad. I’m going to link you to Del Meeko’s for no particular reason that definitely has nothing to do with the last line. Or the fact that he’s a perfect angel. Okay I think I better end this news post here. Until next week!


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