Holonet Blast #30

Good morning and happy Monday! More importantly… Happy Season 4 of Rebels Day! Some of you have probably already watched Heroes of Mandalore but if you have, shhhhh no spoilers!

In publishing news, From a Certain Point of View made the New York Times Bestsellers list! Congratulations to everyone involved! If you weren’t able to make it to New York Comic Con, you can watch the entire panel over on YouTube. Penguin Random House was also awesome enough to make the Lucasfilm Publishing panel from NYCC available as well.

Star Wars has also released a closer look at the Secrets of the Empire Immersive Experience and we’re literally all jealous of CERTAIN PEOPLE who live near Disneyworld and can go see it.

And finally, in the weirdest and most unexpected news…

Yeah. That happened. Is happening? If you saw that coming, you’re a total liar but daaaaang is it neat.


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