Rogue Squadron Product from Her Universe Incoming?

Working with a staff that’s predominantly female has taught me a few things. One, Her Universe products are amazing. Two, Her Universe should totally get a Rogue Squadron shirt in their lineup. Weeelllll about point two …

If you click on that Instagram link in the embedded tweet above, you’ll see that it appears to be ‘Rogue Squadron’ stenciled over what appears to be a Rebel flak vest.


Want to see this product become reality? Let Ashley know!


3 thoughts on “Rogue Squadron Product from Her Universe Incoming?

  1. ... I'll just sit in my corner with my arms crossed in defiance. I hate it that they still haven't made it possible for international fans to buy their products. What good are a female focused line of geek clothing when it's only available to a small portion of female geeks?
    And so far I've heard nothing about them attenting Celebration Europe II, so looks like we'll be continued to be ignored. (And yes, we *are* ignored. I and several others I know have written them without any answer what so ever).

    And yes, I'm a bit bitter about this. They have been online for a couple of years now, and we have been begging them to expand to sell internationally. Instead they have focused on getting out in the american stores. Priority fail, IMO. /rant

    As for the design, I don't think it's my taste. But I'd love some X-wing/Rogue Squadron clothing. 🙂

    • We've talked to Ashley about this before (as have others on other sites). The unfortunate reality is that with the size of their company, Her Universe is sort of at the mercy of FedEx and UPS. They really, really want to get into the international market but don't yet have the overhead to pull it off.

      It'll take time and getting into American stores is, I suspect, part of the plan to increase their financial power to expand into those international markets.

      They really aren't ignoring you, I promise. I know for a fact that Ashley wants to get her products into the hands of fans who aren't in the US but it's an expensive proposition for a still-small company. I have no doubt that once they're in a position financially to hit a larger market, they will.

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