Freddie Prinze Jr. to play cowboy Jedi in Rebels


Hey look, news!

USA Today has the exclusive scoop on who Freddie Prinze Jr. is lined up to play in Rebels. Meet Kanan, a Jedi survivor of Order 66. What’s he like? Well, Filoni describes him as a ‘cowboy Jedi.’

Admittedly, whenever a Jedi originating from the PT era shows up in the Dark Times onwards, I get a tad skeptical, but we’ll see how this works with the narrative and time placement. Getting some actual news for a change is welcome.


3 thoughts on “Freddie Prinze Jr. to play cowboy Jedi in Rebels

  1. This is a little disappointing. Although I enjoyed the Clone Wars at great deal, I was looking forward to a show that would shift the focus to non-Jedi characters.

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