Episode VII has a Title: The Force Awakens

The Episode VII title has been revealed — via a Twitter post, of all things.

Edit: And now on StarWars.com

Around noon EST, the Star Wars twitter announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed official photography.

This seems very early to have a title, but I’m not complaining. If we could get some more official news (like characters and pictures in costume), I would also not complain.

I suspect there will be lots of complaining about the title, because that’s what Star Wars fans do. And it also fuels rampant speculation about the nature of the film…color me intrigued.


2 thoughts on “Episode VII has a Title: The Force Awakens

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  2. i Rudy. I like the title of the new STAR WARS film: The Force Awakens. It really fits the story and its opening crawl. I can't wait and I have all next year to read all EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS books and its novelization.

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