Episode VII filming in IMAX, will be post-converted to 3D

First bit of news: As the above tweet from Bad Robot shows, Episode VII is filming with IMAX cameras as we speak.

Second bit of news: Episode VII will be released in theaters with a post-conversion 3D option.

It’s perhaps not too surprising that Disney and Lucasfilm want to have a 3D version of Episode VII in theaters, but it will no doubt disappoint many that this will be done in post. Films in 3D that aren’t shot natively with specialized stereoscopic cameras tend to be odd looking. Characters and objects in the foreground look oddly flat in front of the background.

Lucasfilm does have some internal experience with the post-conversion process, having re-released Episode I as a 3D film a few years ago to mixed reception. The film did look a fair amount better than most hastily thrown together conversions, but there were still a number of moments where the characters appeared jarringly flat. We’ll see how this conversion turns out.