Disney World gearing up for a Star Wars addition?

This is very much in the rumor phase, but I suppose I give this one a little more credit because it would fall under the “well, duh” category. According to Theme Park Insider, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is gearing up for a major expansion that will include the Cars Land also seen at California Adventures and a Star Wars-themed expansion

Get ready for history to repeat itself. It looks as though [George] Kalogridis and his team have gotten the green light for a project to remake the Disney’s Hollywood Studiospark on a scale similar to what Disney just finished at California Adventure.

The projects will share one very large component — Cars Land, the highlight of the California Adventure makeover, will come to Florida as part of the Hollywood Studios revamp, according to multiple insider sources. But it won’t necessarily be the highlight of the changes coming to the park.

That’s because Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also getting…

Star Wars Land.

Star Wars land in Orlando? Yeah, sign me up for an annual pass.