Countless Mary Poppins Clones to Duel a Gigantic Lord Voldemort in Olympics Opener?

Initial reaction: What? Secondary reaction: Oh that’s just frakking awesome. From Yahoo Sports:

The Sunday Times reports (subscription only) that a sequence featuring some of the best-loved literary characters in British history will climax when a 40-foot Voldemort, the notorious villain from the Harry Potter books, rises out of a bed in the center of Olympic Stadium and scares away representations of Alice from “Alice in Wonderland,” Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil. (Oliver Twist will presumably be waiting in a line at a concession stand.)

Instead of being done in by Harry Potter, Voldemort will meet his match in a British nanny with an umbrella and a penchant for melody.

To quote Dunc over at Club Jade, If this is true, “it’s going to be completely batshit” (in the greatest way imaginable). I agree, but I do hope they take it one step further.

You know you want this to be true, admit it.