Cosplay Week: Tropic Thunder

Cosplay Week continues with Bria’s personal favorite costume from Dragon*Con and that’s saying something given how many awesome costumes were at the con.  Once again, I don’t know who the cosplayer was so if anyone recognizes him, please let us know so we can credit accordingly!

Everyone remembers Tropic Thunder, right?  It was a comedy from 2008 that riffed on action films and is responsible for a lot of gifs of Robert Downey Jr. in blackface on tumblr.  One of the funniest parts of the film were the fake film trailers at the start.  RDJ’s character starred in a fictious film called “Satan’s Alley”, Jack Black’s character was in a Nutty Professor, and Ben Stiller’s character is the ailing action star.  His trailer is for the latest in his franchise, Scorcher VI.  (Check it out on YouTube if you don’t remember.)  I positively love the film and when I saw this costume, I went running after the guy to snag a picture.  Props to this awesome costumer for rocking a minor yet hilarious costume like this one!