Interview: Raina Telgemeier


SmileI got the chance to record a quick interview with Raina Telgemeier, Eisner award-winning creator of the all-ages graphic novels Smile, Sisters, and Drama, as well as the the Babysitters Club graphic novel adaptations, at the Alaska Robotics Mini-Con in Juneau this April. Listen to us discuss webcomics, birds, and the wonderfulness of Rey.

You can find Raina Telgemeier at her website here and on twitter as @goraina. Her next graphic novel, Ghosts, will be available for purchase September 13 wherever fine books are sold.

Interview: Pat Race


comic-bearWhen I was at the Alaska Robotics Mini-Con this past April I got the chance to sit down and interview Pat Race, the organizer of the con and one of the people behind Alaska Robotics (note: there are no robots are involved in Alaska Robotics. OR ARE THERE???). Listen to us discuss Alaska, conventions, robots, Alaskan conventions as robots, the feeling of neglect that comes with not being from the Core Worl–er, the largest community in the area, the Alaska Robotics artist camp, Kowakian monkey-lizards, and more!

You can find Pat Race at the Alaska Robotics website or on twitter as @alaskarobotics.

Tosche Station Radio at SWCA: A Celebration of You


As you may be aware, Tosche Station Radio has been selected to participate on the Celebration Podcast Stage. On Sunday April 19th at 10:30AM, you can head into room 208A to see Nanci, Bria, Sho, and myself record a live show in front of an audience. It’ll be a lot like our normal episodes. We’ll have the usual intros, highlighting stuff we’ve posted to the blog, Fixer’s Flash, Deak’s Dirt, and Camie’s Concerns.

For that last segment, though, we’re going to change things up a bit: we want you to participate.

Nanci and I have already decided to call this episode A Celebration of You. We want to hear your stories. We want to learn how you became a fan of Star Wars. We want to find out what you’d love to see represented in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. We want to have a conversation with you, listener and Star Wars fan.

Tosche Station Radio has, from the beginning, been a podcast focused on diversity. Diversity in storytelling, diversity in characters, diversity in creators, diversity in fans. We know that there’s a huge range of fans out there that don’t fit the normal demographic checkboxes. When we sit down on the stage to record this April, our goal is to let your voice be heard.

We look forward to hearing your story. See you at Celebration.

-The Tosche Station Staff

Andy Serkis Answers 10 Questions About The Force Awakens

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" New York PremiereWhile none of the actors are able to tell us much about The Force Awakens yet, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Andy Serkis shared a few things that he can tell us about the movie and his work on it. His answers to EW’s questions, unsurprisingly, don’t give us a lot of detail about the story or characters, but he does reveal that he plays only one character in the film and that his voice in the teaser is unaltered.

One question that he’s not able to give an answer to is whether or not his character is performance capture, which is unsurprising, given the amount of information one could likely draw from the answer.

Star Wars Teaser Trailer Confirmed for Select Theaters This Friday

Earlier today, Bad Robot tweeted a note by J.J. Abrams that confirms that the first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens with debut this Friday, November 28 in select theaters and that it will be 88 seconds long:

In case that image isn’t loading for you, the note says

A tiny* peak at what we’re working on–this Friday in select theaters. Hope you enjoy, and have a most excellent Thanksgiving!



*88 seconds

Regal Entertainment has posted a picture of Mon Mothma and a note to check their website soon for information about which of their theaters will be involved in the teaser debut, implying that at least some of the select theaters will be theirs.

As of yet, no theaters have been officially confirmed for the debut.

UPDATE: AMC had joined Regal in confirming that some of their theaters will be involved in the debut:

The specific theater locations that will show the teaser remain unconfirmed.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Cinemark has joined the league of theaters debuting the teaser, posting this tweet in confirmation:

Again, still no word on specific theater locations.

UPDATE THE THIRD: The official site has confirmed the theater locations that will show the teaser on Friday, as well as confirming that the teaser will be in theaters worldwide after this weekend. There are thirty locations total, 28 of which are in the US and two of which are in Canada. Check out the complete list here.

Review: Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

leaves on the windDark Horse released the new Serenity comic today, Leaves on the Wind #1, written by Zach Whedon and penciled by George Jeanty, and it’s a must-read for Firefly and Serenity fans.  Whereas other post-Big Damn Movie comics have been much more character focused, this one (set ~7-8 months post-BDM) is the first to really focus on the consequences of the actions the crew took during the movie and what that means for both the crew and the entire ‘verse.

If I have one complaint, it’s that the interior art isn’t particularly fantastic, but Dan Dos Santos’ cover is down right beautiful, and the writing is superb.  And to be honest, now that Marvel’s taking over the Star Wars comics, I’m hoping that Dark Horse will take the opportunity to expand their other franchise options, like Serenity.  Certainly, if they keep writing comics like this one, they’d have a winner on their hands.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

2013 League of Legends World Championship Commentary

leagueoflegendsworldchampionship2013I’m sure that if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you may have heard me on the podcast once or twice. When I’ve been on, you’ve probably heard me say one of the geekiest things you have ever heard anyone say: I watch e-sports.

Let me be clear about this, I don’t watch just any e-sport; I watch the League of Legends Championship Series. If you don’t know what this game is, if you don’t care what it is, that’s fine. As I’m writing this, the world championships for the series are currently being played. Teams from all over the world–North America, Europe, Korea, China, Southeast Asia and one team of challengers that made it in from Lithuania–have been playing for a month in Los Angeles leading up to last night. Starting at about midnight EST, 9pm PST, October 4, 2013, the champion picks began, and I watched the game between the finalists get ready to start–SK Telecom T1 from Korea, which came in as a third seed and Club Royal from China.

Again, if you don’t care, that’s fine, but let me tell you why I think you should. Continue reading