Columbia’s Echo Base Collection Launches Splendidly in Seattle

This was the scene as we waited for the doors to open at the Columbia Sportswear Seattle store on Friday morning.

The first person in line when I arrived at the Columbia Sportswear store in Seattle on Friday morning was well into his twenty-second hour in line. He knew what he had come for and he wasn’t about to risk losing out. HIs prize: one of the three limited-edition Columbia Echo Base Han Solo Archive Edition parkas (his choice: the size large) only available at select Columbia Sportswear retail locations. Continue reading

New Ahsoka, Expanded Universe merch debuting at SDCC

Ashoka and Expanded Universe fans are in for a treat courtesy of Her Universe. In an e-mail that went out earlier this morning, fans were notified that new shirts are incoming!

It’s July… so that means only one thing…San Diego Comic Con! Get ready for exclusives, new merchandise, and exciting conversations! Her Universe will be at Comic-Con in full force and we hope to see you there! We’ll have a booth in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913-F) at SDCC, providing fans with a unique experience. We’ll have all new merchandise for Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. We’ll also be debuting new Star Wars designs every day. 500 Return of the Jedi necklaces will debut on Wednesday, 100 Dave Filoni designed “Ahsoka’s Choice” shirts on Thursday, 100 Jaina Solo shirts on Friday and 100 Mara Jade shirts on Saturday. Each Jaina Solo and Mara Jade shirt will come with a free book courtesy of Del Rey publishing! Lots going on, plus a Her Universe panel! Read about it here. For those NOT going to San Diego Comic Con, do not fear! You can celebrate SDCC from home…all of the merchandise (except the ROTJ necklace), plus more, will go on sale on our website on July 18th. There is Comic-Con love for all!

Best Wishes,


And just what do these new shirts look like? Here you go.

New HU releases


That’s right. A Jaina shirt based on the Sword of the Jedi promotional art and a Mara Jade shirt using the Choices of One paperback art. Finally, a Mara shirt that doesn’t feature the catsuit!

These new items (except the RotJ necklace) are available on the Her Universe website starting July 18th.

Think Geek wins at listening to customers

jayne-hatIt made the rounds this week that Fox started sending cease and desist orders to Etsy sellers who were producing their own version of the iconic ‘Jayne hat’ from Joss Whedon’s cult TV show Firefly. Both Ripple Junction, who now owns the license to make the hats and ThinkGeek, who sells them, denied any involvement in sending the C&D orders. ThinkGeek posted a blog entry attesting to as much.

While there’s not much that can be done for intrepid Firefly fans who want to sell their own versions of Jayne’s hat, ThinkGeek just announced that they have heard the outcry from fans and therefore will donate all proceeds from the sale of the official Jayne hat on sale at their website to Can’t Stop the Serenity, an organization that hosts charity screenings of Serenity in order to help support Equality Now, a worldwide charity that works to further the cause of human rights and end violence and discrimination against women around the world.

Four for you, ThinkGeek. You go, ThinkGeek.

Geeky Clothing Item of the Day: Rogue Squadron Hockey Jersey

We’ve all got geeky t-shirts. Maybe even geeky jackets. But do you have a geeky hockey jersey? I didn’t think so. Over on Twitter Nanci and I were alerted to this item that I need in my closet yesterday.

Yes that is a Rogue Squadron hockey jersey and good heavens I want it so much. It even features the Rogue Squadron insignia on the shoulders! If you head over to the product page and you have $95 on hand, you can order yourself up a custom jersey that lets you supply your own name and number. Maybe instead of a Skywalker 77 you want an Antilles 77?

EXTERMINATE! New Dalek dress from Her Universe

dalekdressWith Easter approaching, you can almost hear the Doctor Who fans bubbling with excitement as the show gets set to return from its mid-series hiatus. Now there’s another reason for (female) fans to get excited. Her Universe has introduced another Doctor Who themed item: a Dalek dress.

This is another Hot Topic exclusive item that fans can pick up for $26.50-30.50. Keep in mind that Ashley did say this one runs small but not as small as the previous TARDIS dress.

Her Universe Secures Expanded Universe Merchandising Rights from Lucasfilm

Under way right now is a chat on the Star Wars Books Facebook page with Her Universe founder and  The Clone Wars voice actress Ashley Eckstein. You should go there and read answers to things and such! Early on there was an announcement that’s sure to catch the eyes of Her Universe and Expanded Universe fans. When asked about potential EU gear in the future, Ashely responded:

YES! We are designing Several NEW Star Wars designs this year. Everything will be debuting in May. We are making shirts, dresses, jewelry…We have Rogue Squadron designs AND I am SO excited to announce that Lucasfilm has given us the rights to design shirts for the women in the EU, so expect more Mara Jade and Jaina Solo designs!

Rogue Squadron material launching in May, licencing rights to the Expanded Universe. If you’re a Her Universe fan, you’re appear to be in for some real treats.

What Would Alderaanians Wear?

If you didn’t know, our staff writer Bria runs a geek fashion blog with her friend Linh. One of the features they run is a “What Would [X] Wear” set of posts that take your favorite fictional characters, place them on Earth, and figure out just what kind of fashion they would be into. Today’s feature is an especially neat one that asks what would Alderaanians like Princess Leia and Winter wear if they were here.

For more on what Alderaanians would wear and for more in geek-inspired fashion in general, be sure to visit White Hot Room.

New Quote Tees from Her Universe

As someone who was looking for a neat Valentine’s Day gift, I’m glad to see that Her Universe has a new set of Valentine’s Day themed quote shirts for the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who fandoms.

The Star Wars shirt’s quote can be seen on the left and features a bevy of lovely in-universe references.

The new shirts are available in the store right now so head on over to Her Universe to pick one up for the geek in your life.

Rogue Squadron Product from Her Universe Incoming?

Working with a staff that’s predominantly female has taught me a few things. One, Her Universe products are amazing. Two, Her Universe should totally get a Rogue Squadron shirt in their lineup. Weeelllll about point two …

If you click on that Instagram link in the embedded tweet above, you’ll see that it appears to be ‘Rogue Squadron’ stenciled over what appears to be a Rebel flak vest.


Want to see this product become reality? Let Ashley know!