Catch the Tosche Station crew at Dragon Con!

As per usual, Brian, Nanci, and Bria will be attending Dragon Con next week in Atlanta. You’ll be able to catch them moderating and participating in several panels.


  • Post Force Awakens Scandals and Cliffhangers, Friday @ 11:30 am, Marriott A706
  • Star Wars’ Force Awakening & New Canon, Saturday @ 2:30 pm, Marriott A706
  • Star Wars in Gaming, Saturday @ 4 pm, Westin Augusta 1-2
  • Representation Matters (Minorities in Star Wars), Saturday @ 5:30 pm, Marriott A706
  • Anything You Can Do: Genderswap and Inclusion in Military Sci Fi, Sunday @ 1 pm, Mart2 204B
  • The Music of Star Wars, Monday at 1 pm, Marriott A706


  • Post Force Awakens Scandals and Cliffhangers, Friday @ 11:30 am, Marriott A706
  • Star Wars Rogue One and Episode VIII Speculation, Friday @ 2:30 pm, Hilton Crystal Ballroom
  • Star Wars Rebels, Friday @ 5:30 pm, Marriott A706
  • Star Wars’ Force Awakening & New Canon, Saturday @ 2:30 pm, Marriott A706


  • Star Wars Costuming, Friday @ 4 pm, Marriott A706
  • Star Wars Rebels, Friday @ 5:30 pm, Marriott A706
  • New Star Wars Characters We Already Love, Sunday @ 10 am, Marriott A706

We’ll be recording most of these panels, so check the Tosche Station feed over the weekend! And as always, if you’re at Dragon Con be sure to say hi if you see us! We love chatting with fellow Star Wars fans!

The Dragon Con Aftermath Panel

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of moderating the Aftermath panel with author Chuck Wendig. I was super excited for this event because, as I explained at the start of the panel, I love Star Wars, I love the Expanded Universe, and I love Chuck Wendig’s writing.

I was nervous, of course, as I always am before panels. Even though 2015 marked my third year (!!!) doing panels at Dragon Con, and even though I’ve been co-hosting the podcast for over 3.5 years (!!!!!), I still worry about freaking out while talking in front of a crowd. Not only that, but this was my first panel interviewing someone famous and my first panel without Brian on stage as well. I was all on my own. Could I handle the pressure? Would I say something really dumb? Would I have to run off the stage to barf?

Thankfully, none of those things happened. (Of course they didn’t. Anxiety sucks!) And most of that had to do with the fact that Chuck Wendig is a hilarious and awesome human being. I’d had a few Twitter exchanges with him prior to the convention, and met him the night before the panel at his Barnes and Noble signing. It was comforting to know he was just a regular guy, and that he would be just as tired as I was come Friday at 8:30 pm after not going to sleep until some godforsaken hour that morning. (We were up all night to get Star Wars!)

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Dragon Con 2015 Recap

Just one week ago, Dragon Con 2015 was wrapping up and Brian, Nanci, and Bria were on their ways back to their respective homes. We posted a whopping twelve panel recordings, ten of which at least one member of Tosche Station participated in. We also got to meet awesome people like Chuck Wendig and Vanessa Marshall, and hang out with the awesome Star Wars fan community.

Nanci will be writing a post soon about her experience moderating the Aftermath panel. For now, here’s a breakdown of all our coverage from the convention itself.

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The Persecution Complex of Bring Back Legends Rears its Ugly Head at Dragon Con

I’ll be honest, I was more than happy to just write off Bring Back Legends as a mostly annoying but ultimately ineffectual movement. That all changed this past weekend when Bring Back Legends/Continue Legends or whatever they’re calling themselves took it upon themselves to turn Dragon Con 2015 into a platform for their fanboy entitlement. Not unlike how Gamer Gate thinks they own gaming, or Sad Puppies thinks they own science fiction, BBL is acting like they own Star Wars fandom and will do whatever it takes to make their voices heard. 

Things began to look curious midnight on Force Friday, when in short order the Amazon page for Aftermath began to be flooded with one-star reviews of the book. There were three primary complaints: the inclusion of LGBT characters, the prose style, and griping about Legends. As for the prose style complaints, it’s odd that so many people had seemingly read the book in less than an hour, especially considering that Del Rey sent out perhaps less than 20 advance review copies. Certainly, some stores broke street dates, but not enough to account for the massive influx of reviews that seemed to complain about the exact same thing (as Chuck Wendig, Michael Patrick Hicks, and Jim C. Hines noted). At absolute best, it’s a bizarre coincidence. At worst, it’s an organized campaign designed to, as Wendig so brilliant put it, weaponize nostalgia for Legends and hurt folks as a result.

Okay, quite a bit more than annoying, but the negative reviews actually help the Amazon algorithms prioritize Aftermath, so I guess it’s more amusing in a dark way than anything else. Once again I’m ready to shrug off Bring Back Legends and the one-star Amazon review campaign.

Then the rest of Dragon Con happened.

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Tosche Station on Location: Dragon Con 2015 – Speculating on TFA


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From Dragon Con Day One is the big Speculating on The Force Awakens panel. Panelists include Brian Larsen, Nanci Schwartz, Shaun Rosado, Bethany Blanton, and Riley Blanton. Moderating is Bryan Young.

Speculation was based off of official releases only, so this panel is spoiler free!

Tosche Station at Dragon Con!

Dragon Con logoThis week, Brian, Nanci, and Bria are off to Dragon Con! The annual convention, held each Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, is a highlight of the con season. The Star Wars at Dragon Con track, led by Brandy Roatsey and a team of intrepid volunteers, puts on the best Star Wars panel content outside of Celebration. And we at Tosche Station are lucky enough to participate in some of these panels.

Here’s where you’ll be able to catch us at the convention!

Brian and Nanci:

  • Speculating on The Force Awakens (Friday, 11:30 am, Hilton Grand Ballroom West)
  • Force Friday Finds (Friday, 1 pm, Marriott A706)
  • Star Wars and Disney Parks (Saturday, 11:30 am, Marriott A706)
  • New Canon (Sunday, 10 am, Marriott A706)

In addition, Nanci will be moderating the Aftermath panel with Chuck Wendig (Friday, 8:30 pm, Marriott A706).


  • Fan Discussion of Rebels (Saturday, 2:30 pm, Marriott A706)
  • Evolution of Costumes for The Force Awakens (Saturday, 5:30 pm, Marriott A706)
  • Strong Women of Star Wars (Sunday, 8:30 pm, Marriott A706)
  • Palpatine’s Plan (Monday, 11:30 am, Marriott A706)

You will likely be able to find us hanging around or near the Star Wars track room (Marriott A706), so stop us and say hi! We’ve got buttons, wristbands, and other neat swag for you.

For those of you who can’t make it to Dragon Con, don’t worry. We’ll be recording panel audio and posting recaps throughout the convention, so keep an eye on the Twitter feed and be sure you’re subscribed to Tosche Station Radio on iTunes and Stitcher.

Tosche Station Radio #92: Dragon Con ’14 Recap


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Brian and Nanci recap the highlights from Dragon Con on this all-new episode of Tosche Station Radio.

Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight what’s New on the Blog. There’s tons of panel audio from Dragon Con (see below). We did a Go/No-Go for A New Dawn, as well as a full review from Bria. Bria also reviewed Legacy #18, the final installment in the series (as well as the Legends universe).

In Fixer’s Flash, Brian finished A New Dawn and Nanci’s nearly finished. Both hosts got roped into the Ice Bucket Challenge. There was also this little thing called Dragon Con. More later.

Deak’s Dirt? Rebels clips. Seriously, that’s it.

In Biggs’ Bull#*$&, the hosts recap the Episode VII panel at Dragon Con. Which consisted mostly of informed speculation.

Camie’s Concerns this week is a recap of the Star Wars happenings at Dragon Con. There’s a lot of panel audio you can listen to, including:

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Tosche Station on Location: A New Hope – Who Was Luke Skywalker?


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The last panel we recorded from Dragon Con was a look at Luke Skywalker. Panelists Paula Rosenberg, Nanci Schwartz, Robin Smith, Bryan Young, Sarah Dempster, and Thomas Harper look at perhaps the most underrated character in the saga: the hero of the Original Trilogy.

Tosche Station on Location: EU Authors are Legendary


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Authors Mike Stackpole, Dave Wolverton, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Christie Golden, and Timothy Zahn discuss their thoughts on the Expanded Universe moving to Legends status and field questions from the audience about their contributions to the Star Wars universe.