Ashley Eckstein’s Celebration VI Video Diaries

Missing Celebration VI a bit? Ashley Eckstein’s got your back. just released is her complete video diaries from CVI. All-around awesome people Bryan Young and Amy Ratcliffe are featured. At the 27-minute mark you can see Ashley and artist Cat Staggs talk about the CVI-exclusive Mara Jade shirt.

Cosplay Week: Hallis Saper

We’re wrapping up Cosplay Week with another appropriate costume for Tosche Station.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing these fantastic costumes as much as we did and, as always, if you recognize any of these costumes, let us know so we can credit them!

One thing we don’t see enough of at conventions is Expanded Universe costumes outside side of a handful of big name characters.  While we always love seeing some great SWEU costumes, we especially love seeing characters who don’t get as much love.  Enter this fabulous Hallis cosplayer from Celebration VI.  We’ve never seen someone attempt this costume before and we’re pretty sure she nailed it.

Edit: You can find her website here!

Cosplay Week: Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker

We have more Star Wars costumes for today’s edition of Cosplay Week from Celebration VI!  Unlike yesterday, we actually don’t know who these costumers are and this particular picture was snagged from Jan Duursema’s Facebook so if you know who they are, shout out!

Edit: You can find Darth Talon’s Facebook page here and Cade’s here. Great costumes, guys!

Take a look at these two perfect Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker costumers who look like they could’ve stepped right off the pages from the Legacy comics.  The body pain on Talon is perfectly done and I’m incredibly impressed by the tattoos and the chest armor on Cade.

News Station Bullies Star Wars Fans, Ashley Eckstein Not Amused

And frankly, neither are we.

Earlier today, the good folks at the Star Wars Report alerted me to some rather lousy behavior by WPLG Local 10. Suggesting that someone dressed up in Jedi robes has their schedule built around Dungeons and Dragons. Really clever.* Sadly, I think as fans we’re all used to this kind of dismissive treatment. Even though I wrote about how baffling the disconnect between sports fandom (socially acceptable) and geek fandom (shun the weird people), this sort of behavior is something I just come to expect. That’s wrong of me, of course.

*And so what? Dungeons and Dragons is fun. 

Edit: This story has gotten long and crazy, so continue under the cut.

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Tosche Station Radio #28: The Celebration VI Special!


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It’s the big Celebration VI special! Unfortunately, the hosts don’t have enough time to sift through everything that happened at the convention, so this week’s show notes will be brief. The episode, however, isn’t. For the first time, Brian and Nanci are unscripted and coming to you almost live from the Orange County Convention Center.

On the docket is a discussion of Del Rey’s big announcements, celebrity panels, news from the redesign, and all sorts of odds and ends from the premiere Star Wars convention. We also had a pair of guests on the recording, including Tracy of Club Jade.

Sit back, grab some power converters, and enjoy our first-ever unscripted foray into podcasting!

The Toy at CVI that Made Brian Cry

There’s a strange magic that toys possess.

I remember after watching A New Hope for the first time, my dad went to his room to rummage through a dusty old box that had been in the corner of his closet since we moved into the house. From it, he handed me an old die-cast scale model of the Millennium Falcon. Much of the paint had rubbed off, the satellite was missing, and the landing struts were broken, but that didn’t temper my excitement at all. I think in the months following that first viewing, I had concocted hundreds of adventures with that toy Falcon in my mind.

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Celebration VI Coverage: Joel Aron and Dave Filoni Q&A and SUDDENLY GEORGE LUCAS

We’re kicking off the third day of Celebration VI with the anticipated Joel Aron and Dave FiloniClone Wars Q&A. Lots of new clips and details about Season Five were revealed, some of which might be considered spoiler-y. Also, there was a surprise guest. To the cut!

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Star Wars: Detours – Prepare for Hilarity

Here’s what you need to know.Detours is a show put together by the Robot Chicken people, there’s a ton of great voice talent on the project, it’s very much George Lucas approved, everyone is really excited about it, and it’s hilarious. Both Nanci and I remarked after the panel yesterday that neither of us were particularly excited for this project before walking in and listening to the team talk about it. Now we can’t wait for it to debut.

A few clips below the cut!

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